I’m calling the Heather Sweater halfway done. Whilst the back and front should be the main parts of a sweater, I always find the sleeves involve more work than I give them credit for, then there’s the sewing up and the neckband, so, yes, this feels like the halfway point. I still can’t believe how fiddly I found the neckline shaping, though. I haven’t cast on yet for the first sleeve; maybe tonight? I’m committing the cardinal sin of waiting to feel inspired to knit instead of having a regular time when I sit down and work a few rows. I know that waiting for inspiration isn’t the way to get anything done and I’m not even sure exactly what type of inspiration I’m waiting for.

I have made one step towards getting my knitting back onto a more productive keel. I spent some time on Monday doing my favourite thing around the house – rearranging furniture. For someone who believes that most furniture just has to stay in the place you first put it because that’s the only sensible place for it, I move my furniture around a lot. Actually, it would be more accurate to say that I move certain items of furniture around a lot and that is because I haven’t sufficiently determined their best place and purpose. Sometimes, however, I have exactly the right piece of furniture serving exactly the right purpose, but I change it for no good reason, and thus it was a while ago with my knitting cabinet. This is an old piece of furniture from my grandparents’ house and I have long held that it’s the ideal item to hold a small stash of wool because the upper area has a glass door which means I can see all the lovely colours.

So why, I have to ask myself, did I move all the wool out and hide it in a chest of drawers? Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time. Now, though, I have reinstated the wools to their proper home and they look so nice, glowing in the late afternoon sunshine.

The other inspiring thing I really want to do is find a good audio podcast on the knitting theme. Going back a few years there were several I would listen to, but then video podcasting took off and on the odd occasions I do try to track down some audio podcasts, I can’t quite find any to suit me. Mind you, a lot of the video podcasts don’t suit me either; or sometimes I watch them for a while but then little idiosyncracies which I think I can put up with begin to aggravate me.

A couple of my favourite video knitting podcasts are Anna Knitter Podcast and Knitting The Stash. Anna is a delightful German lady with a lovely dog called Benni and until recently was a teacher of religious education, whilst Melissa of Knitting The Stash is an American who lectures on speculative and science fiction (and has two dogs). Anna’s podcast is very laid-back whilst Melissa’s is usually full of information and often features a segment on some historical aspect of knitting. I think if I could find a couple of audio podcasts that suited me well, I could hunker down for the next month (UK lockdown II) and work my way through the back-catalogue whilst completing the Heather Sweater. That’s a plan, isn’t it?

I hope you’re all well and safe and doing what you need to do to keep safe and well and happy.

7 thoughts on “Exactly halfway

    1. I really prefer them because I am not obligated to sit in front of a screen. A few long podcasts can see me through housework, road trip or long walk. Love it.

    2. Yes! That’s what I used to love about them, and I keep wondering why I got out of the habit of listening. I used to listen to them whilst soaking in the bath, too! Must admit I don’t listen to anything whilst I’m walking because that’s my high-quality day-dreaming time, although I will quite often be singing something in my head as I walk along.

    3. I love that. I know what you mean about walking. If I am walking, I love listening for the birds. Typically, when I walk at work, I am on the athletic track and that gets a tad boring.
      If you start listening to audio podcasts again, let me know which ones you like best.

    1. Hi, thank you, it is a splendid design and I’m looking forward to adding it to my wardrobe, although I really need to reorganise the shelves if I’m honest – I haven’t quite worked out the best way to arrange my knitwear on them since I started using this particular wardrobe this time last year. Hmmm, that’s a project I need to consider.

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