I have indulged myself with a bit of a “planner decor” haul and I thought I’d show you the things that caught my fancy.

I’m a relatively good girl and don’t have lots of stickers and washi tape. I used up all my existing stickers on two projects over the summer:

  • Covering up the unwanted quotes in my 100 Day Planner
  • Decorating the pages in my Aquarius journal where the ink on the previous page showed through too badly for me to write.

As far as my pre-haul washi tape collection went, there were six partially-used rolls:

  • Boring plain grey and plain sandy-brown
  • Almost as boring stone-grey with some dark speckles
  • Slightly more interesting dark grey with stone-grey fern leaves
  • Lovely pink Sakura (Japanese Cherry Blossom)
  • Fabulous deep blue shiny tape shouting Blam! Kapow!

With next year’s move into my Filofax very firmly in my mind, I’ve been browsing Etsy for quite some time considering tapes that would look good with the deep fuchsia of the cover. When I saw the typewriter tape I knew it had to be mine; I particularly liked the fact that I could easily cut the indivdual motifs to use as smaller stickers. The pack of three very skinny tapes was another easy decision because they are good pinky-purply shades and so narrow that they will not be intrusive on the page. Where the majority of tapes have bows and hearts, the fact this pack has stars made it a winner for me. The cosy ‘hygge’ washi with its books and coffee and cakes fitted in with the general warm tones, and can also be cut down into tiny individual motifs. In this pile it must be said that the roll of planets on a celestial blue background sticks out like a sore thumb, but it’s planets on a celestial blue background – I’m not going to say no, am I?

For good measure, I threw in a pack of individually cut washi stickers with a Christmas and New Year theme and another pack of shiny floral stickers because spring will come round next year as like as not.

I’ve tried the washi tape and it is very nice – lays well on the page without trying to lift off. I also scattered a small selection of the stickers onto the page for the photo.

I’m very pleased with my haul because I feel I’ve now got a good selection but it’s not a crazy amount; I can see myself using it up over the coming few months even though I don’t do full-on decorating in my planner or journals. I like a little bit of inspiring decor and I’m absolutely useless at penning anything decorative myself – even if I think I will just put a scribble of pastel pencil crayon it looks abysmal – so a few pretty stickers and a little strip of washi tape are perfect for me. If I manage to decorate anything to my liking, I’ll share it with you!

I bought my stickers and washi tape from an Etsy shop based in Wales, UK, called GretelCreates. As always, I would encourage you to support stores in your own country to keep shipping costs and, more importantly, carbon footprints as low as possible. Or, do what I should do (but won’t) and learn to draw!

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