Well, that would be a finished object, wouldn’t it? The Navy Sleeveless Sweater is completed, fits very well and looks marvellous with the autumn/winter wardrobe which is shaping up nicely. Top marks for practicality.

You can tell, I’m sure, that I am damning this project with faint praise. Yes, it’s perfect, I will wear the living daylights out of it, and I really didn’t enjoy knitting it at all. I don’t know quite what the problem was, but I couldn’t find any enjoyment in it. All the time I was knitting it I kept thinking that I should just have gone out and bought a plain navy sleeveless woollen top and been done with it. It’s funny how some projects hit you like that whilst you can’t get enough of others even though they are superficially less likely to please you.

I wonder if a bit of it is that this project didn’t offer me any challenges at all. To know from the beginning that it was going to be just the right item for my wardrobe, that I couldn’t fail to like it, having confidence that it would fit perfectly, perhaps all of that led to a project that just lacked any element of danger. Yes, I know, knitting and danger don’t really make happy bed-fellows, but I am beginning to wonder if the mild question of whether I am even going to like a finished object doesn’t lend a frisson to the time I spend working on it. Then again, perhaps it was just the blanket of deepest navy that swamped my soul like a starless midnight sky, which means I can move on from the project with the added knowledge that I do, indeed, need to be working on colourful projects or, at least, neutrals that have a lot of variation in their dye.

Here’s a cheery chap I saw out and about on my walk this morning.

He is not portraying the usual Egyptian Goose characteristic of aggressive behaviour and he and his wife posed very nicely for quick snaps. As they are an introduced species to Britain, they are considered a bit of a dodgy addition to our wildlife and so I will redress the balance at some future point by including a photo of a nice English duck or goose.

Now it’s almost time to get my navy top and the two gauge swatches I’ve done since the weekend out of the washing machine to see how they have fared. Once I’m happy with the post-wash stitch count on the swatches I can make a start on my next project which, I hope, will be slightly more dangerous and therefore slightly more exciting than the navy sleeveless sweater.

4 thoughts on “It’s a wrap

    1. Hi, yes, that is so true. I anticipate getting a lot of wear out of this one. My pink and purple swatches are sitting enticingly on the window sill which is making me very happy.

    1. I would say it’s danger of the same magnitude as a bag of cotton wool falling off the bathroom shelf and hitting you on the head! I do love wearing garments that I’ve knitted and I’m a big believer that there’s nothing like wool to keep you warm and dry.

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