The sky is a stunning melange of true, sunny, sky-blue and puffy white cloud, and this light aircraft has been circling outside my living room window for a while, drawing my attention to the great outdoors. I noticed a fair bit of aircraft noise earlier in the week, associating it with the Air Force being on manoeuvres, but the only aeroplanes I have seen in recent months have passed by much higher, making me feel that they are far from both their point of departure and their destination. For an unknown reason, I feel like I am on holiday this week and so I am going with the flow and pretending that I am. At the same time, I’m having those September urges – the ones that herald the start of a new phase – and everything feels like it is beginning to move again after the summer stasis.


Indoors, my Navy Sleeveless Sweater is progressing nicely. I have just finished knitting the back, which means I am ready to stitch together the first shoulder seam and work the neckband. I am not going to use the Noodle Soup Yarns’ Sturdy Sock in Vivid Firmament to do the ribbed bands at neck and armholes, but I am going to make a neck-warmer with it, probably as my next cast-on, because it goes so nicely with every piece of autumn clothing that I put it next to. I am yearning for a blouse in a green exactly like the one the yarn contains, but I fear it will be impossible to come close to it; the danger is that everything will be slightly too khaki or olive or drab or whatever shade of warmish green this isn’t.


The torpor I described last Wednesday is well and truly over and I have rectified the problem I had with my wardrobe doors – well, I have rectified the problem with one of the doors, still have to work on the other – so that is one minor irritation behind me. Another little improvement has been digging out the tablecloth in my photos. It has been on my mind for a while that my dining table, much as I love it, could do with some brightening up as it sits at the darker end of my living room and is quite a dark wood. At home (which is to say, my grandparents’ house and then my parents’ house) it traditionally had a green baize cloth over it and I’ve been pondering that idea for a long while. However, this morning I was looking for my yellow flowered tablecloth to use as a backdrop for the photos and, naturally, I failed to unearth it, but instead this old blue, floral and lace cloth appeared from my stash and I was suddenly gripped with a fervour to press it into service. I think it does an excellent job of brightening up the corner.

All in all, this could be mistaken for a spring-like post, but it’s definitely autumn peeking its rosy cheeks over the horizon. All I need is a big bowl of plums…