Norwich this July as it as hot and steamy as a Palm House. Lethargy lurks at every turn and the drowsy afternoons float by, punctuated only by the chirruping of the Tour de France commentators. I am at a point where I want to reboot my creativity. I have allowed it to become submerged over… Continue reading Reboot


What’s a girl to do?

This evening it occurred to me that the final two little chores that awaited me with my knitting were likely to take forever.  I had worked desultorily on them at the weekend, sewing on an odd button here, working a row of sock there.  Didn't even pick them up last night.  When the knitting blahs… Continue reading What’s a girl to do?


And they’re off

The 2011 Tour de France is underway with the long first stage heading into the countryside of the Vendée after a scenic route along the coast.  I support Team Sky, because they're British and because Juan Antonio Flecha rides for them.  I have a soft spot for Flecha. I've gathered together the essential equipment for… Continue reading And they’re off