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Delving into history

Last night I found myself ambling through the blog posts I wrote before the long break. As I was wearing my Laccaria cardigan and reading the post about completing that cardigan, I felt inspired to photograph my current 'wardrobe' of knitted garments and analyse how old they were. This has been very interesting because researching… Continue reading Delving into history


Hang on

This blog post is entitled "Hang on" as a salute to my darling grandson who turned 3 a couple of weeks ago.  When he was very young he had a very impressive, not to mentioned expressive, Gallic shrug which seemed to indicate an internal questioning of the world around him.  "Hang on" appears to be… Continue reading Hang on


Rowan 50 – first impressions

I must say up-front that I have a love-hate relationship with Rowan.  I love their design aesthetic, the look of their magazines, the 'stable' of designers they have working for them.  I hate their yarns, the fact they discontinued the Jaeger brand, the fact that British knitwear designers almost automatically have to default to being… Continue reading Rowan 50 – first impressions