Decluttering for maximalists

Oh, lawks - I have too much stuff, I need to de-clutter! 'The curse is come upon me,' cried The Lady of Shallot Those of us who are not minimalists face a big hurdle in life and that is to determine where to draw the line between "lots of lovely stuff" and "clutter". On the… Continue reading Decluttering for maximalists

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Fitting in

When I finished writing last Friday about Edward Scissorhands, a fairly definitive movie when it comes to not fitting in, I got to thinking about the choices we make during our lives in order to fit in with certain people or groups, the camouflage we choose (or are encouraged) to adopt, and how that can… Continue reading Fitting in

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Is it later yet?

I have noticed over the past few days that I have a particular mind-set which leads me to live further to the "maximalist" than the "minimalist" end of the social scale and I would define it as the "save it for later" mentality. I notice it particularly in the digital realm, however I know it's… Continue reading Is it later yet?