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Five favourite beauty products from Avon

I've been selling Avon for a few months now and, although progress is very much inch by inch (I'm not the world's most natural saleswoman because I hate being "sold" to myself), there is some progress and my aims are low for this as a business. However, the real benefit of it has been the… Continue reading Five favourite beauty products from Avon

Avon beauty

A sister blog – Pamalisonbeautyblog

Just a quick note to say I have launched a blog to cover my beauty interests and, primarily, my Avon business over at Pamalisonbeautyblog.wordpress.com Please take a look if you think it might interest you. Although a lot of the content will be Avon-related, there will be plenty of take-aways that are not brand-specific and… Continue reading A sister blog – Pamalisonbeautyblog

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Strike up the band!

I like to think I go my own way in life; stand apart; never follow the herd; make considered choices. Every so often, though, I'm right there, leaping onto the bandwagon and waving a flag with the rest of the human race. So, deep breath, I am experimenting with turning my phone screen to monochrome… Continue reading Strike up the band!