Busy days

Sunday, 26 June 2011

View at St Cyprien

No entry yesterday as I had a busy day babysitting my little grandson.  Today it’s been a different sort of busy as I received my ‘new settee’ which is relocating from my sister’s house in readiness for their really new settees, then thoroughly testing it out to make sure it’s fit for the purposes I shall put it to.  (I’m pleased to report it is good for sitting on to watch TV and to knit!!)

I was bemoaning the fact this afternoon that my cardigan sleeve was taking much longer than expected to finish, when I suddenly found myself with it finished.  It is now attached to the cardigan and it’s all looking very promising.  One more sleeve to do this week, then washing and ironing and it will be a completed garment, ready to wear.

I did cast on for a little something this evening, just to try out.  I had been thinking about my desire to knit a pair of more elaborate socks, when I came across the ideal pattern in a copy of The Knitter magazine.  So I cast on and have done the first inch or two.  They have a charted cable pattern which is probably slightly more difficult than I would have liked for my first patterned pair, but they are top-down construction and the pattern is in three sizes, so I felt those options outweighed the slight negative of the cabling.

Unfortunately, all this means no photos today, so I thought I would pop in one from a couple of years ago – the view if you walk along the grass area in front of my sister’s apartment in France.  Pictures of yarn may recommence tomorrow.

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