Bluesleeves were all my joy

Friday, 24 June 2011

Slope Rib Sleeve 1

I’ve started on the sleeve cap shaping on this first sleeve, which the above picture strangely foreshortens.  The pattern is written with all the increasing to take place at the cuff and the sleeve worked straight from there.  I have chosen to do a more standard, closer-fitting sleeve shape.

I was thinking I would get this sleeve finished by tonight, but that’s not likely now.  Tomorrow will do just as well and will still give me a week to knit the second sleeve and get the cardigan completed.

I think I have decided against the Debbie Bliss pattern for the red wool.  Instead there is a sweater in a recent knitting magazine which I have precise gauge for and which I very much like.  In fact, on a second look through this magazine I found the sweater pattern, a neck warmer that will be perfect for my lovely cashmere laceweight, and a sleeveless pullover that I might well be tempted by.

Now, I promised you a tip to make delicious sultana buns.  To make the sultanas super-plump and moist, soak them in tea (I chose Earl Grey for a lightly aromatic touch) for as long as you like (or indeed can).  I ended up soaking mine for more than 24 hours and they are perfectly gorgeous.

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