Norah Gaughan Cabled Cardigan

Status: In Progress
Started: June 15th 2019
Finished: July 16th 2019

Name: Norah Gaughan Cabled Cardigan/Cable Front Cardigan
Pattern: Cabled Cardigan by Norah Gaughan for Vogue Knitting Magazine
Craft: Knitting
Made for: Me
Size: 36″

Yarn: JC Rennie Supersoft Lambswool 2/11.3nm; 1 850g cone (partial); colour = Cream + Sirdar old-style Country Style 4-ply 45% acrylic/40% nylon/15% wool; 225m/50g ball; colour = 007
Needles: 3.5mm & 4mm


Cast this on a couple of days ago and knitted a whole sleeve very quickly. I am holding the two 4-ply yarns together to create a marled fabric. I’ve knitted two previous cardigans to this pattern so I am familiar with it. This time, I’m going to knit the body pieces slightly less cropped; I have enough yarn to do this and I think it will be very wearable. I am also intending to put a big button on it so it can easily be held together at the bust for slightly more warmth.

Crazy progress – took me exactly a day to knit sleeve no. 2 – tomorrow I will make a start on one of the front pieces.

Finished the main body of the cardigan and seamed it, fitting really well although not as boxy as the original pattern. Really enjoying the knitting. Just the cabled scarf front to make and attached; have to note this is the major knitting part for this pattern so I’m not a lot more than halfway there at this point.

Finished, washed, modelled shots taken, and I am in love with this whole project. So easy to knit, so engaging, lovely fabric, great fit. I actually found it really hard to put down when I was into the knitting. Any regrets? The sleeves are slightly too long, but I’m not 100% sure this is a bad thing as I have definitely knitted some cardigans where I haven’t made the sleeves quite as long as I’d like. The sleeves are also a tad tight in the upper arm and could definitely be improved with a little shaping. Moving the position of the decreases on the scarf front makes it look a little funky.


  1. Made body slightly longer than previous versions, but not much
  2. Changed position of the shaping decreases on the scarf front (but they would be better done where the written pattern has them!)
  3. Added a single button and buttonhole to the scarf front so the cardigan can be closed easily. Positioned this just under the bust and that’s the ideal position.
  4. On the original pattern the scarf front is not attached to the ribbing of the body; that is neither here nor there as far as the finished project goes.

Would I knit this again? Oh, yeah, but not until I’ve worn this version into the ground!


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