Mama Weer All Crazee Cowl

Status: Completed
Started: June 2nd 2019
Finished: August 12th 2019

Name: Mama Weer All Crazee Cowl
Pattern: Making it up as I go along
Craft: Knitting
Made for: Me
Size: Not applicable

Yarn: Noodle Soup Yarns 20g mini skeins set: Sparkle Sock in Goldie; Sparkle Sock in Firefly; Sturdy Sock in Coffee; Sturdy Sock in Tickled Plum; Sparkle Sock in Festive 1; Sparke Sock in WW1W?; Sturdy Sock in SD21; Sturdy Sock in Corals; Sparkle Sock in Paradise.
Needles: 3.00mm straights


Named this cowl after the Slade song!

Using a set of Noodle Soup Yarns’ mini skeins in a crazy collection of colours, about half with sparkle. Knitting flat in K1P1 rib until I’ve used all the wool, then I’ll join it into a tube and wear it as a cowl. Or a boob tube!

2nd June 2019
Cast on and knit first colour

9th June 2019
Now onto the third colour, loving how it’s working up. I’ve messed up a couple of times with dropped stitches which is easy working on relatively short straight needles, but they are what I like and I know it would be worse if I used long straight needles that just get in the way, or a circular needle that flobbles about.

4th August 2019
This accessory has continued to grow through the crazy heat of July and I’m just about to start the seventh colour. I am mainly working on it in the early mornings, but since I finished my Cable Front Cardigan I’ve been picking it up during the days and working a couple of rows before I overheat. At this point, I can’t quite imagine what it is going to look like finished, but I know it’s going to be colourful and cheery through the long winter.

12th August 2019
I decided to finish the cowl with the ninth colour. I had some misgivings about adding the final pink shade as it might look odd after the blues and it was the one colour which didn’t comfortably fit into the progression. When it came to it, the cowl just felt finished after the final skein of blue.

I am really happy with the size, it will definitely be cosy when I am waiting at bus stops in the autumn and winter. It is easily large enough to pull down over my shoulders if I want to, or if I’m super-duper cold I can double it round and it just manages to go over my head and provide a thick, close bundle. I think it’s going to be really versatile.

I enjoyed this knit, although it was a little hard on my hands doing all those miles of knit one, purl one ribbing. I particularly enjoyed knitting the multicoloured shades, such as Firefly and the final three blue to turquoise colours. The yarn definitely makes the finished object into something much more exciting than a large ribbed tube and that is all down to Charley at Noodle Soup Yarns, my local Norwich hand-dye expert.

Speaking of tubes, turns out this would be unsuccessful as a boob tube because it is actually too big! That probably says more about my chest measurement than I want it to.


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