Rimini Cardigan

Status: Completed
Started: December 30th 2010
Finished: February 26th 2011

Name: Rimini Cardigan
Pattern: Rimini Cardigan by Martin Storey for Jaeger
Craft: Knitting
Made for: Me
Size: 38″

Yarn: JC Rennie Supersoft Lambswool 2/11.3nm; 1 900g cone (partial); colour = Blueberry
Needles: 2.75mm & 3.00mm


The plan is for this to form half of a twinset with the sleeveless top, Modena, from the same Jaeger pattern book.

15th January 2011

I have completed the back and started on the left front. The changes I’ve made are:

Worked 7cm before starting the waist shaping decreases as I’m rather short-waisted and need to change this to get it in the right place.

Will work front bands completed separately as I don’t see the benefit of working the few rows in with the bottom garter stitch border then having these hanging on a holder for the rest of the front of the cardigan.

As usual I will work sleeve decreases so that they fit with a shorter sleeve as I have short arms.

13 March 2011

Long time updating this as it has been a challenge getting photos in the dingy weather we’ve been having. Took the opportunity of a bit of light today, but the rest of the outfit must be forgiven!

This is a lovely cardigan which I’ve worn a few times since finishing, usually with the matching sleeveless top underneath. I found the collar really boring to knit for some reason, yet it turned out exceptionally well and is neat and flattering and, most of all, quite warm given the lightweight yarn.

It was really difficult getting suitable buttons (of course, I’ve seen tons since I stopped looking!) but I am happy with the ones I went for. I bought the buttons before knitting the button bands and did a 1-row buttonhole for the first time ever – very good with this size button.

I’m really pleased with this and although it probably won’t get tons of wear until the autumn, I’m glad to have it in my wardrobe.

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