Isambard Socks

Status: Completed
Started: May 1st 2019
Finished: May 13th 2019

Name: Isambard Socks
Pattern: Basic free sock pattern
Craft: Knitting
Made for: Me
Size: 60 stitches, to suit UK shoe size 4 1/2

Yarn: Mr B Yarns Hiddleston Sock; 100g/425m; colour = Isambard
Needles: 2.5mm double points



Cast this project on during the week as a quick palette- cleanser after finishing my Gaudi cardigan. Just using my basic vanilla sock pattern which came free an aeon ago with a ball of commercial sock wool. I work on 60 sts, cuff-down, heel flap, barn-style toe.


Socks completed. I set them aside for a while to work on my Inigo cardigan, then decided to focus on these and get them finished. Worked them a bit shorter from cuff to heel than I usually do which made them super-quick to complete.

Note about the yarn – I find the Mr B Yarns hand-dyed sock yarns are among the finer-gauge sock yarns and I knitted these on my 2.5mm needles which means they are suitable for spring. I think I will go down to 2.25mm needles for my next pair of socks.


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