Inigo Cardigan

Status: Completed
Started: May 5th 2019
Finished: June 3d 2019

Name: Inigo Cardigan
Pattern: Inigo by Lisa Richardson for Rowan Yarns
Craft: Knitting
Made for: Me
Size: 81-86cm (32-34″)

Yarn: Sublime Yarns Luxurious Tweed DK; 60% wool/40% cotton; 135m/50g balls; colour = 419
Needles: 4mm straight


Cast on and worked 9cm but not getting gauge. Can either continue as is and knit the smallest size, or go down a needle size and knit the 91-97cm/36-38” version.

After a bit of experimentation, I have gone with smallest size knitted with 4mm needles because I like the fabric even though the gauge is off (I’m getting more of a worsted gauge). I am now at the point where the waist shaping is finished with and I can continue straight until I shape for the armholes. This isn’t usually very far for me because I am short-waisted. This is an easy knit so far and I am speeding on with it.

I have worked the back almost to the shoulder shaping, but because I am not getting the suggested gauge I have set the back to one side and am working on a sleeve. This way, I will be able to check the fit of the sleeve-top against the back to make sure I make the armhole the correct depth.

Got the first sleeve finished and the back, very pleased with my progress.

Well, I worked really hard at this and the cardigan is complete, washed, ironed, and in my wardrobe. I like almost everything about it hugely with the exception, possibly, of the button bands. Because these are worked integrally with the cardigan fronts, they are not as firm as I would like. At the size I have knitted, there is some gapping between the buttons. When I knit this pattern again (as I am sure I will), I will either put in additional buttonholes, or I will knit the bands separately. Other than that, the fit is great everywhere that matters, and I found silver buttons in my button box that suit the garment perfectly, playing on the slightly Chanel styling of the piece. The pattern is extremely well-written. Top marks all round.


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