Clan Bluepen December 2020

Namisu Orion Aluminium, Blue finish – looks like a spaceship
Orion has a clipless lid and a large steel nib
That nib really is large
Clipless lid, pen body with Schmidt converter fitted, barrell
You can see the threads where the cap screws on just below the nib.
Clan BluePen – L-R: Waterman Allure, Lamy Studio Aquamarine, Namisu Orion Aluminium Blue, Cross Century II, Waterman Hémisphère Blue
The Lamy Studio and Namisu Orion share some design characteristics, but are not altogether similar
Clan Bluepen Nibs – that #6 Bock nib on the Namisu Orion is significantly larger than my others
Namisu Orion tested prior to adjusting feed

NB: For some reason I dated these two 4-12-2020 even though it was Saturday 5th December 2020, but that’s me all over – constantly yearning for the past!

Namisu Orion writing test before adjusting feed – you can see where it started to run dry and where I shook it.
Scanned comparison of the Namisu (after adjusting feed) and Lamy both inked with Diamine Majestic Purple. There is quite a difference between the colour from these two nibs.