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When it’s time to change ink

The week started with a blazing fanfare which revealed to me that I couldn't spend another minute writing with the inks I've been using this past month. Don't get me wrong, there was nothing inherently wrong with the inks, in many ways each was perfect for its task, I had simply hit the point where… Continue reading When it’s time to change ink


It will never catch on

Ah, the typewriter. It's one of those things which is having a moment thanks to social media and the jury is out as to whether or not it's just a bit of silliness. The big draw is that you can buy them relatively cheaply and you'll often find them at garage sales or in charity… Continue reading It will never catch on

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A dull and messy morning

I wish I could claim to be neat and tidy, but just see what a mess I made simply writing my journal this morning! I blame it on the paper - it led me through a wormhole of experimentation which hasn't resolved much at all. Since the beginning of May I've been writing my journal… Continue reading A dull and messy morning

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Just things and stuff

It's been a slow couple of weeks Chez Pamela. If you read the blog regularly you will have noticed that the posts have been rather sporadic. This doesn't mean that my general progress has halted, although it has slowed to the pace of the trains which rumble along the track near my flat, often stopping… Continue reading Just things and stuff

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A5 Filofax update – 135 days later

Journal in hardbound book; Planning in Filofax Original A5 It's time to revisit my Filofax setup and capture some thoughts on the A5 size now that I've been using it for a few months. What have I liked? What have I disliked? Does it still suit my purpose, is it time to change up a… Continue reading A5 Filofax update – 135 days later


Hitting the bottle

It's okay, your narrator hasn't plumbed the depths yet. The bottles I'm going to talk about are filled with ink, not gin. I thought it might be fun to explore which bits of my personality are drawn to the different ink bottles that I own. When I see my, admittedly limited, collection it strikes me… Continue reading Hitting the bottle

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A lot to like

Aware that I suffered a fit of damning with faint praise when I wrote about the Cross Bailey Light fountain pen on Friday, today I'm going to be more enthusiastic about Filofax's new decorative accessories. Over the past month four Collections have launched - the Garden Collection, the Indigo Collection, the Confetti Collection and, most… Continue reading A lot to like

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Every day’s a school day

I was pretending again on Friday, but there's a lot to be learned through playing make-believe. On the most practical level, I pretended to be at the coffee shop, lapping up the ambient noise, with my laptop and my cereal bar and my Espresso House coffee flask providing those Scandinavian coffee chain vibes. It wasn't… Continue reading Every day’s a school day

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It’s all about the paper

The thing about the planner community is that our photography can, at times, tend to focus on the externals whereas, of course, what actually matters is the paper inside the cover. I'm not saying that the cover isn't important, it is. We choose our covers to convey, to ourselves as well as to the outside… Continue reading It’s all about the paper