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Word of the Week – Defragmentation

This isn't the Word of the Week that I was going to publish today, however it is the Word of the Week that I need. For the past couple of weeks I feel like I have accomplished little and have been alternating between two states:- Flapping around trying to do lots of different things in… Continue reading Word of the Week – Defragmentation

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Word of the Week – Renaissance

I think we all need a little renaissance every now and again; we could, in fact, think of each Monday morning as a time for rebirth, the Spring-time of the week. I know that in reality rebirth is far from all of our minds as the working week looms over us and all I am saying… Continue reading Word of the Week – Renaissance

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Word of the Week – Accomplish

Looking forwards as we start a new week and a new month, my chosen Word of the Week "Accomplish" is an exhortation to set goals and strive to achieve something. To set oneself a challenge, to determine a course. It is wise, in setting goals, to accept that we can still accomplish something even if… Continue reading Word of the Week – Accomplish

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A trip to the tuck shop

This afternoon I was in Norwich city centre running some errands and I popped into the old-style sweet shop to re-stock with Sweet Peanuts. This reminded me of many a diversion to the school tuck shop to buy these, not to mention Toffee Cushions and Sherbet Lemons. Indeed, I was fortunate enough to go to a… Continue reading A trip to the tuck shop

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Is it later yet?

I have noticed over the past few days that I have a particular mind-set which leads me to live further to the "maximalist" than the "minimalist" end of the social scale and I would define it as the "save it for later" mentality. I notice it particularly in the digital realm, however I know it's… Continue reading Is it later yet?

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2018 in 9 chapters

Prologue 2018 is singing a triumphant closing number and 2019 is poised to make its entrance so what better to do today than reflect on some key themes from the year? You might want to make yourself a cuppa before you head into this - it's going to feel like you've been reading for a… Continue reading 2018 in 9 chapters

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Morning routines, real and imaginary

Whilst I pretend to be cultured a lot of the time, in reality I'm just as likely to be watching YouTube videos as reading poetry of the Romantic period. I have many favourite types of video, but one I like to search out on a regular basis is the "morning routine" video, even though these… Continue reading Morning routines, real and imaginary