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Irresistible textures, unreachable stars

This week I have been looking through old notebooks; for what is the point of making notes if you don't go back every so often and read them? Two looming items have prompted this trawl: I need to get a new notebook sorted out because I'm down to the final five pages in the book… Continue reading Irresistible textures, unreachable stars

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Fitting in

When I finished writing last Friday about Edward Scissorhands, a fairly definitive movie when it comes to not fitting in, I got to thinking about the choices we make during our lives in order to fit in with certain people or groups, the camouflage we choose (or are encouraged) to adopt, and how that can… Continue reading Fitting in

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The first one now will later be last…

  * Title courtesy of Bob Dylan - The Times They Are A-Changing I was going great guns, honest I was! Today I was planning to share with you some positive vibes about working on the Christmas knitting project and enjoying it far more than I thought I would. I worked over the weekend on… Continue reading The first one now will later be last…

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Quote of the Week – Bob Dylan

There are so many things I could have been doing today which would have been productive and useful to me. What I chose to do was sort out the book situation which, as you know from my post earlier in the week, was beginning to frustrate me. I have been through all my books (well,… Continue reading Quote of the Week – Bob Dylan

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Quote of the Week – Don McLean

From "Did You Know?" on Don McLean's marvellous 1974 album, Homeless Brother, an unashamedly romantic quote. Did you know that love can grow Any place that people go? And I can tell, from what I see, That you have found a place with me. The sun is high, the day is new, And I have… Continue reading Quote of the Week – Don McLean