All the trimmings

The progress on my new project - the Cucumber Vintage Sweater - looks better than I feel it should. I haven't even picked up any knitting the past couple of days as I've been immersed in other things, one of which is sorting out all those odd little snippets of stuff I've been saving on… Continue reading All the trimmings

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Finished object: Rimini Cardigan

Here she is! The Rimini Cardigan, pattern by Martin Storey from the Jaeger JB16 brochure printed in 2003. Knitted in six shades of John Arbon Textiles Knit By Numbers 4-ply wool in the Grape colourway. Buttons from my button box, can't remember where I originally bought them. Oh, this is a lovely garment and I'm… Continue reading Finished object: Rimini Cardigan

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Vintage Summer Top

We're returning to Woman's Weekly, 6th April 1968 for this chunky, short-sleeved, collared top. I say chunky because that's how it looks to me, but it's knit in DK weight wool and it is mainly the all-over trellis stitchwork which gives the impression of weight, especially around the collar area. I will say right now… Continue reading Vintage Summer Top


What knitting happened next?

When I wrote my knitting update last week, I was in a state of indecision about my Rimini cardigan, but apparently all I needed to do was admit out loud that I wasn't entirely loving it because I found I just couldn't cast it aside even briefly. So I went ahead and knit the front… Continue reading What knitting happened next?

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Monogamy is good, right?

If I've said it once, I've said it a hundred times, I am a monogamous knitter. For me, it's the only way to really see progress and get things done. If you devote all your knitting time to one project you can't help but be rewarded with speedy results. It's like a marriage (or so… Continue reading Monogamy is good, right?

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Reimagining vintage knits

I mentioned last week that I wanted to write about the knitting patterns included in the April 1968 issue of Woman's Weekly I had received and I've decided to start with the most striking of them. The thing that hits you first about this hand-knitted suit is the colour, and I don't think I'll be… Continue reading Reimagining vintage knits


Just keep right on knitting

Quite a bit of stuff is irritating me at present and so I'm being rather choosy about what I consume on both traditional and social media in order to maintain my equilibrium. Since I'm limiting that side of life a bit, I've got plenty of extra time for knitting. I've set myself the target of… Continue reading Just keep right on knitting