The sock that was

This is the sock that was, then wasn't, and now is all over again. It's been a journey. Stitch counts defeated me on my first attempt with this yarn, and I ripped it out completely on Thursday. Friday morning brought me my long-desired 2.25mm double-point needles and I was so pleased to be able to… Continue reading The sock that was


Surreptitious Sock

Today we're saying hello to a new ball of sock yarn. It's very pretty, and a little bit out of the ordinary, and not really in my usual range of colours, all of which intrigues me. I was drawn to it during my day in town last week with my friend Alex, so today I… Continue reading Surreptitious Sock


Coconut Ice

Remember the post I wrote a while ago about building a garment from a modular pattern? I explained how I was using Amanda Griffith's book "One Thousand Sweaters" to build my Coconut Ice jumper and mentioned this being a great entry into the idea of pattern modification. With this in mind, I was very interested… Continue reading Coconut Ice

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April showers bring forth May flowers

Okay, well our climate didn't get it quite right this year and we had to wait for the May downpours to do their work before we could enjoy a blossoming forth in June. But summer seems to be here and for that we can be grateful, even those of us who prefer the chillier months… Continue reading April showers bring forth May flowers

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When you’re out of fashion

"Let them have their fad and their fix Confined by fashion and peer I love you for your courage In this frightened atmosphere" Don McLean: You Have Lived It doesn't matter what particular hobbies you indulge in, I'm sure that every single one of them is prone to fads and fashions. I am equally certain… Continue reading When you’re out of fashion


Knit a bit, not a lot

Knitting progress has been slow. That is to say, I have enjoyed my knitting when I have picked it up, but I haven't picked it up enough to make significant progress, which is fairly plain from the lack of knitting posts hereabouts. I worked a few rows on my sock the other night and got… Continue reading Knit a bit, not a lot

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Just things and stuff

It's been a slow couple of weeks Chez Pamela. If you read the blog regularly you will have noticed that the posts have been rather sporadic. This doesn't mean that my general progress has halted, although it has slowed to the pace of the trains which rumble along the track near my flat, often stopping… Continue reading Just things and stuff