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So that’s what I decided

At the end of last Wednesday's knitting update, I was wondering which part of the Lace Panel Sweater to start next. In the event, I decided it was best to do the sleeves, and chose to work the lace panel as a feature just above the ribbed cuff. The design has twelve rows in this… Continue reading So that’s what I decided

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This morning I have completed all the knitting on Gaudi. Hurrah! I must say, laying all the pieces out on my bed to photograph makes me feel more confident about the finished object than I have been in a fair while. I want to have this finished and wearable by the end of the month,… Continue reading Knit-Read-Blog

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Knew this was a one-way ticket…

As I sat knitting at the weekend, I was pondering the sweetness of sharing things we enjoy with a whole new generation. This specifically related to watching "The Abyss" with my grandson who enjoyed it immensely (and why wouldn't he?). So today's quote is a short and sweet thought from the film, typed by Brigman… Continue reading Knew this was a one-way ticket…

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Scent and Scissorhands

So, this week I have joined the legions of Avon "ladies" and on mentioning this to my daughter, the first thing she said was "Oh, we watched Edward Scissorhands and I had to explain what an Avon Lady was!" Edward Scissorhands is a great film about being different and about being kind and about being… Continue reading Scent and Scissorhands


10 Films that influenced me

I have recently enjoyed taking part in what I suppose is a meme on Facebook wherein you post a picture from a film that has influenced you each day for ten days. It has been very interesting to see the films that have influenced other members of my family, and to see where we match… Continue reading 10 Films that influenced me