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Friday’s Child

Friday’s Child gazing into the future

This week, the days seem to have been following that old children’s verse.

Wednesday’s child is full of woe…

When I wrote on Wednesday, it was the woeful tale of indecision about my Cucumber Vintage Sweater. I found, as I often do, that writing about my doubts gave me a clarity that I didn’t have before I wrote. I carried on with my knitting and was casting off the first sleeve as Wednesday evening ended.

Thursday’s child has far to go…

Thursday began with me attaching the first sleeve to my sweater and having one of the extremely odd try-on sessions I indulge in where I have a top at the stage where I can pull it on but have to hold one edge together with my hand, thus giving me a completely skewed impression of whether or not the garment will fit.

After that, I had a long, hard, realistic look at my progress and I decided that if I worked hard (for my living?) I could finish this sweater before the end of July as I had originally intended. I mean, I could knit one short sleeve, sew it in place and do the final side seam in two days. Easy peasy.

Thankfully I had old episodes of Shetland to keep me company and I devoted my day to knitting, watching the delectable Douglas Henshall, and not a lot else because sometimes you’ve just got to allow yourself to focus on the thing you most want to do. I managed to get my knitting completed by bedtime, which means….

Friday’s child is loving and giving…


Yes, Friday has given me a finished jumper! I bet you weren’t expecting that; I know I wasn’t.

And what about my two big questions from Wednesday’s angst-ridden post? Does it fit? Well, yes it does. As I expected, it is a little wide on the shoulders and the next time I use this pattern I will work on that. It is waist-length which is absolutely correct for the vintage vibe, but is something I would adjust in a future knit to provide a more modern silhouette. I think the fit and shape mean it would look just dandy over a nice wide skirt, and it’s also the kind of top you can pop on over a summer dress. Or, I tell you what, it would be super under a pinafore dress. Have pinafore dresses existed since the 1960s?

The other question was, of course, will it suit me? I think it does, although I need to have a good try-on session with a variety of outfits once I’ve put it through its after-construction wash. Perhaps a more important question is do I have anything to wear it with and the answer to that right now is possibly not, but that’s just nature’s way of telling you to go shopping, isn’t it?

Some technicalities

I started knitting this project on 29th June 2020 and finished it on 31st July 2020.

I used four 50g balls of Scheepjes Metropolis yarn in Colour 023 Monterrey (75% extra-fine Merino Wool/25% nylon). I used a small amount of Noodle Soup Yarns’ Sturdy Sock in the Speckled Eggs colour for the neckband and sleeve bands (75% superwash Merino wool/25% nylon). My needles were 2.75mm Clover Takumi straight needles for the ribbing and 3.00mm KitPro Birch straight needles for the main knitting. I attached a single button from my button box to fasten at the back of the neck.

The pattern was the Classic Jumper in 4-ply with short sleeves from a vintage issue of Weldon’s Practical Knitting.

I hope you have enjoyed your crafting, met your targets, and allowed yourself some leeway this week.

4 thoughts on “Friday’s Child

    1. Thank you – “sweet” is exactly the right word for it. Have you seen the vintage styles by the modern designer Andi Satterlund? I think this sweater’s fit is very much like her patterns.

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