Slow, how slowly


In front the sun climbs slow, how slowly
Arthur Clough “Say Not The Struggle Naught Availeth”

I feel that my knitting has slowed down to a crawl this past week, but I did finish the back, I added the contrasting neckband, found and attached a button, so it’s not too bad. I also made a good start on the first of the sleeves. In the pattern pictures these reach to just above the elbow and I rather like how that looks, but I’m having to work quite a few extra rows to achieve the length I want.

The momentary lack of enthusiasm I’m experiencing isn’t due to the project itself (well, maybe it is a bit), or to any desire to be doing something else. I simply am not picking up my knitting quite as much just now as I usually would. If it is anything to do with this project, it is purely the fear of the unknown – I have no idea if this top is going to fit me, nor if it is going to suit me which are the two most important things you need to know about a garment! Would it break my heart if it turned out to be something I wouldn’t wear? Not really – and there you have it – two little words that sum up the problem most succinctly. I don’t care enough about this project to summon up the enthusiasm that keeps me sailing through things.

I’m close enough to the finish line to keep on working and complete the garment, at which point I’ll know whether or not it’s a keeper. It might be a keeper in the sense that I will want to put it away until next spring; it might be something I really enjoy wearing once finished. If I decide it’s not for me I will make sure it goes somewhere that it can be appreciated, or do some good (yes, I’m talking about taking it in to a charity shop). What I need to do to get me working on it again is embrace the adventure of not knowing how things will turn out, the thrill of walking on a precipice (a soft, woolly precipice that only knitters would understand).

I was just about to type something along the lines of ‘so this is me, committing to turning up next week with a finished jumper’, but I remembered having uttered that very sentiment about something at the weekend which I have changed, then abandoned, then taken up something not even vaguely related to, so I cannot trust my firm convictions. Instead, let me say that I will try to finish this top during the next week and also come to a decision about my next project.

Let’s see how that goes, shall we?


2 thoughts on “Slow, how slowly

    1. Hi, Kath, lovely to hear from you. Yes, the multi-coloured yarn is a terrific complement to the green (it is Speckled Eggs by Noodle Soup Yarns). I got the first sleeve finished yesterday so I’m going to make it a priority today to get it sewn into the jumper, leaving a minimum of finishing to do at the very end. Although I blow hot and cold about this project, I still want to get it finished just to see how it will be.

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