Well, I think that’s an improvement on some of my previous in-progress photos. I dug out my DSLR camera and got the battery charged then took advantage of the early morning sunlight in my living room to take photos of knitting, green tomatoes and rhubarb. The green tomatoes have been chopped and put in the freezer, beginning the collection for a chutney-making day later in the autumn, and the rhubarb has become a fruit fool, my favourite. One of my favourites! I mean, is it even possible to have a favourite pudding?

Progress on my knitting has been steady, but not stellar this past week. I intended to have the back of the Cucumber Vintage Sweater finished on 20th July so I would be on track to make the sleeves and finish the whole top before the end of the month. I think it’s going to slip a little into August because I haven’t been consistent with my knitting. These things happen, I’m not unhappy with it.

I did hit an unexpected little feature in the pattern, though. Turns out this has an opening at the back of the neck into which you are instructed to either insert a 4″ zip or do a crochet edging and add buttons. It doesn’t mention this at all in the requirements, although I would have been forewarned if I had read through the instructions before starting the knitting. It’s not a major thing and, these being liberal times, I’m just intending to do the crochet edging and put one nice button and loop closure leaving a keyhole to flash a little bit of the top of my back like a floosie! Of course, that means another trip to my button box will need to be arranged in order to find the perfect button. Now, the button box could certainly be the subject of a good macro photo shoot.

As things stand right now, I’m just finishing the shoulder cast-offs on one side of the back and almost ready to join the yarn and knit the second side from the neck-opening up to the shoulder. Then it really will be on to the sleeves.

I was tempted on Sunday to put the top aside and either cast on my navy blue wool to make an autumn jumper, or just knit on the socks I started earlier in the summer. However, I stuck to my guns and carried on with the Cucumber; I want this baby finished before I work on anything else.

How are your projects going? Have you slowed down because it’s summer, or are you pushing ahead steadily?

3 thoughts on “Click

    1. Oh, dear. We all hit those points with our knitting every so often and it is horrible. It can feel like your enthusiasm will never return, but perhaps that makes it feel all the better when it does click into place again?

    2. I am trying to be patient because I have had spells in the past where my knitting has not been productive. Yes, it does feel like it will never spark again. I do get a lot of inspiration from reading knitting blogs, though!

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