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That perfect navy skirt

Navy + 1

navy + 2

These are just six of the reasons why I have long been craving that perfect navy skirt. Try as I might to occasionally visit the 2020s, my heart knows that you just can’t beat a well-cut skirt and a hand-knitted sweater like we used to wear and I can see myself turning to this skirt a lot come autumn and winter. Composing these shots has reminded me how much I love that plain grey cardigan. The pattern is Burr by Brooklyn Tweed; it is so simple but tiny design elements make all the difference – the way the horizontal ribbing around the button bands gives way to a vertical texture at the neck; the lines of eyelets to highlight the shoulder area; the extension of the bottom ribbing at the sides to form little pyramids. The Shetland wool I used really makes those details pop and you know what? That one simple fact has just made me realise a tweak is needed to my upcoming knitting projects.

I’ve made the mistake this past week of immersing myself in “wardrobe concepts” and now I’ve over-indulged in data and feel slightly queasy. Forget about data overload, this is more the feeling you get after eating two Marks and Spencer’s Billionaire’s Yumnuts on the same day, and please don’t ask me how I know this.

This week has also brought it home to me that I am enjoying practically none of my makeup or skincare and, really, something’s got to give. I haven’t worn makeup more than once or twice for weeks on end, but now we’re increasingly masking up I feel the urge to put on some eyeshadow and mascara when I head out. It would be nice if Covid-19 was the thing to bring eyeshadow back to its proper place in our affections after years of playing second fiddle to lip stains, eye liner and contouring, but I fear the youth are putting all the colour into their masks and eyes will be forgotten entirely.

I’ve been wearing Jo Malone’s White Rose and Lemon Leaves perfume exclusively for a couple of weeks now, but today I fancy a change to something sweeter so I think I will peruse my collection and see what grabs my fancy.

Have a lovely weekend and perhaps have some fun with your clothes, beauty and perfume – the little fripperies that subtly lighten the day.

6 thoughts on “That perfect navy skirt

  1. I’ve had the same experience this week with jewellery. I put a watch on for the first time in months. I love a watch, when I was at work I had lots and wore something different every day, my collection has reduced to just 3 real favourites and I must get back into the habit of wearing them. Same goes for my necklaces, brooches and earrings, it’s just a case of getting into the habit of putting them on, mind you, summer makes a difference, it’ll change once I get into my winter jumpers.

    1. Oh, interesting. I go through phases of thinking I’d like a collection of watches, but in reality the only watch that has ‘stuck’ in the past 40-odd years is the Apple Watch I’ve been wearing since… 2016? 2015? I’ve been whole swathes of my life without wearing a watch at all and even in pre-mobile phone days I never found it a problem. You’re right in saying these things are habits which we fall out of every so often.

    1. Thank you so much. I am a garment knitter through and through, apart from socks and the occasional cowl I’m only happy if I’m working on some kind of jumper or cardigan.

    1. Thank you, I’m so looking forward to ringing the changes by pairing the skirt with a variety of coloured tops. Oh, yes, fatigue or anything that makes you feel less like yourself will have an impact on whether you want to wear makeup. Hope you start to feel a bit more like it soon.

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