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Next knitting update

That is quite some knitting progress for one week. I finished the front of the sweater with one further modification, again to add a little extra length in the armhole. I chose to work it after the neck shaping to make the neckline sit just a smidge lower than it shows in the pattern. It isn’t unusual for me to need to adjust for length as my row gauge is rarely accurate. In patterns like this vintage one where you are instructed on the number of rows to work instead of the length in inches or centimetres, I rarely come up just right.

This is going to be a close-fitting top, but I’m hoping once it’s finished that either I will be magically at the right size for it or it won’t have to stretch too far to cover me!

This pattern has an interesting way of decreasing for the armhole shaping, one which I’ve never come across before.  Instead of instructing us to decrease 1 st at each end of alternate rows, it uses a decrease at the beginning only on each row which, of course, amounts to the same thing, but threw me slightly when I first read it.

Not content with finishing the front of the sweater, I’ve made a very good start on the back, too. That’s the second ball of the wool which I’m just coming to the end of – I bought seven in total so I am going to have a significant amount left over; enough to combine with another yarn to make a cardigan, perhaps, that would co-ordinate with this. A project for next spring, though, because I’m already bursting with plans for the next few months.

You’ll have noticed, of course, that something new has crept my way: I’ve purchased two cones of Merino wool to try out from Woolyknit. I do love a yarn on the cone, partly because it always seems such an economical way to buy, although one downside is it tends to be quite fine – this is a 4-ply weight, but it’s unusual to get coned yarn any thicker than that. I decided to order a very deep navy plus more of a mid-blue shade, either to use separately or to hold double to create a marled fabric. The wool is for the next project which will probably be the Vintage Waffle Cardigan/Jacket. I’ve done a swatch holding the two colours together and it looks very good and gets me bang-on gauge. In my heart, though, I know I want to knit it in the plain navy, which would mean buying a second cone because it’s going to take more than 500g. Of course, it wouldn’t make any sense just to order one cone, so it’s a good job I thought to pop those colour cards in with my initial order. I’ve already machine-washed my swatch (on the hand-wash setting) as a test of durability – it didn’t shrink or grow at all and it softened slightly, so this might prove to be a contender in my search for a reasonable everyday wool.

As well as the actual knitting, I’ve been putting a significant amount of thought into my autumn/winter wardrobe, because what else do you do in the middle of summer? I have just had a delivery of a core item: a navy blue A-line flannel skirt designed to hit mid-calf which, of course, means about 4″ above my ankle because I’m short. I’m pleased to say the deep navy Merino wool looks very good indeed with it, so that firms up my plan for the cardigan/jacket to be knit in plain navy. This means the mid-blue could make a lovely long-sleeved sweater at some point in the not too distant future. I love dreaming of future knits, don’t you?


2 thoughts on “Next knitting update

  1. Every yarn you photograph with that cucumber looks fab! A bit of the green with either of the blues would look great. Perhaps a couple of rows in green around the ribs? Do I have a memory of cardigans we had when we were little with a different colour band around the rib?

    1. Sometimes those left-of-field colours just end up being so right. I’m loving the idea of the navy skirt (or trousers) with the navy cardigan-jacket and that cucumber sweater underneath giving a pop of colour in the middle of winter. Ah, those cardies of our youth! They were knit in co-ordinating colours so the main colour of yours was the contrast on mine and vice-versa. Just going to say Howard and Hilda and leave it at that! I feel like I should have the patten for them, but I haven’t – quite easy to replicate though.

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