All the trimmings


The progress on my new project – the Cucumber Vintage Sweater – looks better than I feel it should. I haven’t even picked up any knitting the past couple of days as I’ve been immersed in other things, one of which is sorting out all those odd little snippets of stuff I’ve been saving on my computer.

This is the front of the sweater and since finishing the ribbing the pattern has become a steady stream of stocking stitch, increasing a stitch at each end of every 8th row. As it turns out, 8 rows is a comfortable amount to do in one sitting; enough to feel progress is being made but not so much as to become boring.

That’s all well and good, but I bet you’re wondering what that ball of sock yarn is doing in my photograph, presuming that it’s being more than simply decorative. Well, I was looking at some Vintage Chanel knitwear today and there were a few sweaters in a similar shade to this one (they called it melon, I call it cucumber, please feel free to choose your own name) and I was particularly taken with one where the neckband and sleeve ribbing were knitted in a contrasting sugar-pink shade. That got me to thinking that I might do those areas in a contrasting yarn on my jumper, and this Noodle Soup yarn called “Speckled Eggs” leapt out of my stash and threw itself at me. I’ll see what I think when I get further along with the project, but for now I’m holding that skein of yarn in my knitting basket in case it feels inclined to launch itself in some totally different direction.

As far as other knitting projects go, well I haven’t touched the Frankensocks, they are sitting patiently to one side, and I keep looking online at possible wools to get in for the next big project which will be the Vintage Cardigan Jacket. Who would have thought choosing a navy blue wool could be so time-consuming? I’m having much more fun, though, adding photos to my knitting notebook which is a project that hadn’t even crossed my mind at the beginning of the week. More about that, I think, on Friday. For now, it’s high time I was thinking about my tea.

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