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Finished object: Rimini Cardigan


Here she is! The Rimini Cardigan, pattern by Martin Storey from the Jaeger JB16 brochure printed in 2003. Knitted in six shades of John Arbon Textiles Knit By Numbers 4-ply wool in the Grape colourway. Buttons from my button box, can’t remember where I originally bought them.

Oh, this is a lovely garment and I’m so happy with the finished product. The wool has a wonderful drape and the result is a soft and lightweight fabric which is still warm, the collar helps to make it cosy. The cardigan can be buttoned up to the neck, but I like to have warmth at the back of my neck whilst leaving my throat area uncovered so I will most often wear it as shown in the photo. The sleeves are the perfect length and quite close-fitting without being tight and actually that description suits the whole cardigan. At the moment it fits me fine, although I will be happier when I drop the extra weight I’ve added since late March, a task which I think is going to take me quite some time. It’s likely that in the short term I’ll wear the cardigan unbuttoned, or just buttoned at the bust which I like anyway. I have knit one version of this pattern in the past where I just put buttons from neck to bust and that worked really well.

Here is the back view:


I finished all the knitting on Monday 29th June 2020 and the cardigan has had a quick bath and lay-out on the floor to dry so it is ready to take its place in my knitwear shelves. I think I have mentioned before that this wool is strictly hand-wash only, but that’s a small price to pay for such a lovely fabric.

One finished garment, of course, leaves an opening for a new project and I have already cast on for the Cucumber Vintage Sweater.


So far I am enjoying working with the Scheepjes Metropolis yarn which is nice and springy and should be fine to pop in the washing-machine.  I think it will provide just the right sort of elasticity to suit this form-fitting sweater (I’m avoiding the nagging doubt that it is perhaps a little too form-fitting at my current weight). This should knit up quite quickly considering  how enjoyable I’m finding even the deep band of one by one ribbing. I can’t remember the last time I did a single rib on a cardigan or jumper, I amost always do two by two.

And so that’s it. I’m going to celebrate my achievement with home-made shortbread biscuits and a cuppa, after I’ve put in my day’s exercise of course.


8 thoughts on “Finished object: Rimini Cardigan

    1. Thank you, Tanja, I’m really pleased with it and I’m sure it will be one of my regularly-worn knits. I always love reading the lists of perfumes you’ve been wearing each week – some that I know and lots that I don’t.

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