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My brain is frazzled by the heat and it can only think tiny thoughts.

  • Why have I got so much scent?
  • However long is it going to take me to use it all up?
  • How come I haven’t got a better choice of tea?
  • Have I been shopping for scent when I meant to be shopping for tea?
  • Did I drink all the tea?
  • Is there any chocolate?
  • Was that all the rain we were getting?
  • If I go to sleep now, will it be autumn when I wake up?
  • Do I need a pair of pince-nez?

There is one big question, though.


  • When I finish this sleeve, what am I going to knit with all the leftover yarn?

How are you faring?

2 thoughts on “Briefly

    1. I will have to work out which one is most celebratory! Would you believe I posted this and immediately went to look at an online tea shop where I was waylaid by a page of…. solid perfumes! What?

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