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Monogamy is good, right?


If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times, I am a monogamous knitter. For me, it’s the only way to really see progress and get things done. If you devote all your knitting time to one project you can’t help but be rewarded with speedy results.

It’s like a marriage (or so I understand from people who have opted in to that adventure): there are times when it’s boring, when you lose enthusiasm, when you have to work hard and push on through to the better times. We’re all human – sometimes your imagination is gripped by some passing fancy, some stranger half-glimpsed on a street, and you have to remind yourself of the good points about your chosen one.

All of which is to say that I am thinking of straying.

There, I’ve admitted it.

I am suddenly so bored of knitting Rimini and it’s not Sleeve Island because we all know that doesn’t exist. I’ve actually made brilliant progress this week and knitted the entire first sleeve without spending an unbearable amount of time on it every day. This time next week I could be reporting all of the pieces complete and being ready to work the button bands, yet the idea of sitting today and working on this project leaves me feeling dejected.

I suspect this has little to do with the project and a whole lot to do with the grey cloudy sky combined with the constant onslaught of negative news from far away and closer to home. I suspect I just need cheering up.

Yet, if it should be that I am to cheat on Rimini, what are my options? A brief fling with a pair of socks? That’s possible; I have the left-overs of two previous pairs wound ready to create a bi-colour pair of Frankensocks. Perhaps, though, I am seriously considering a full-blown affair with the Cucumber Vintage Sweater? That woud be an enormous step; I might never return to my own dear Rimini which leads me to fear a Thèrése Raquin scenario.

Have you ever watched or read Thèrése Raquin by Émile Zola? It’s about a couple who fall in love, or infatuation, and murder the lady’s husband so they can be together. Back in 1979 I watched the BBC Drama adaptation starring Kate Nelligan, Brian Cox and (I had completely forgotten this) Alan Rickman. For years it was second on my list of the most horrifying things I would never look at again, until I made the huge mistake of watching the movie “Sixth Sense”. It wasn’t anything gory which scared me so much in Thèrése Raquin, it was the psychological tension of the piece and the fact that the behaviour of the characters was so believable.

But I wouldn’t be killing Rimini, just popping it aside for a few moments. I know that it would wait for me to return, refreshed by my escapade, happily accepting my need for a little more excitement than it can provide. I wouldn’t be rising in the night to check under my bed, in the fear that the half-made cardigan may have crept there from my workbasket (yes, that is the scene that totally freaked me out in Thèrése Raquin).

The reason this TV programme is so prominent in my mind at the moment is that my recent peregrinations brought me across a YouTube channel showcasing a number of old BBC dramas. Perhaps my purpose would be best served by finally re-watching the series which would, at least, remind me of the very compelling reasons to keep working on Rimini and count my lucky stars for a little tiny bit of boredom. Or, alternatively, I could look at my buttons because half an hour with the button box is sure to perk up flagging spirits.

Anyway, for now, my progress is as photographed and what I will have to report next week lies shrouded in the mists of conjecture. I look forward to discovering what the Fates are planning for me.


4 thoughts on “Monogamy is good, right?

    1. That’s such a good idea. Although I am trying to keep my sanity by avoiding a lot of current podcasts, I think it might be good to leap back in time and watch a few from years past.

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