Just keep right on knitting


Quite a bit of stuff is irritating me at present and so I’m being rather choosy about what I consume on both traditional and social media in order to maintain my equilibrium. Since I’m limiting that side of life a bit, I’ve got plenty of extra time for knitting.

I’ve set myself the target of finishing my Rimini cardigan by the end of June which I think is achievable. My photo shows the completed right front, so now I have the back and both fronts done which means I’m ready to make a start on a sleeve. I can whip through a sleeve, no problem. There is no place on this planet called Sleeve Island.

I’ve also received my parcel from Wool Warehouse containing the yarn I chose for the vintage short-sleeved jumper I’m going to make when I finish Rimini.


I wanted a nice hassle-free yarn and this 4-ply in 75% wool and 25% nylon is very similar to sock yarns which gives me some confidence. It is also lovely and soft. This particular yarn comes in around 80 shades and they even do a huge box with 10g balls of every single colour; that would be great if you wanted to make a multi-coloured blanket. Since I am constantly on the lookout for a decent basic wool, this garment will act as a test-piece for the yarn. As you can see, I also popped in some new paler wood knitting needles to see if they aid my vision (always assuming my eyes don’t entirely burn out from the colour of the yarn!).

When I said I might have to look at green, I don’t think I was really contemplating this precise colour, which I am calling ‘cucumber’. I’m not entirely sure how I feel about it (is it a bit too ‘granny’?) and I’m slightly less sure that it will suit me, but I wanted something that I don’t have in my wardrobe and it certainly fills that slot. It was a bit of a stab in the dark, although I must say I’ve been emboldened by the two previous absolutely awful colours that I have knitted successful garments from. In both of those cases I toned down the impact of the yarn by marling it with a cream yarn, but I’m pretty sure in this case I’ll be happy with the colour itself.


I’m not sure how much it’s possible to see in the swatch, but the yarn does have a decent variation in colour, with yellow-y parts and blue flecks which gives a pleasant finish. Whilst I was knitting the swatch I wasn’t entirely sure about the handle of the yarn. It was pleasant enough to work with and had the give I expect of a mainly wool yarn, but something about it put me in mind of that slightly matte, dusty finish that cotton has. However, now I’ve washed the swatch I am reassured by it. I got bang-on 7 stitches to the inch on 3mm (UK size 11) needles which means it will suit the vintage pattern perfectly. At that gauge, the fabric is nice and pliable, but not gappy.

I used a pair of the new needles to work the swatch and was pleased with them, the paler wood definitely seemed an improvement on the multi-coloured Symfonie needles. I am contemplating swapping in the new 3.25mm needles to work the sleeves for the Rimini, even though I am cautious about changing needles during the course of a project.

Before I go, I just want to mention one of those ‘why am I so stupid’ moments which I have just experienced. Whilst typing this, I was looking at the drinks coaster I bought at the Blakes 7 40th anniversary convention in September 2018. This is mirror-finished and etched with the Blakes 7 logo. I was slightly disappointed at how quickly it scratched, but loved it anyway. I just noticed, though, that the top surface was starting to peel at one of the corners and as I was worrying at it with a thumbnail, I suddenly wondered what you’ve probably been shouting at me since you started reading this paragraph. Yes, this coaster had a protective film over it and it took me twenty months to work it out. Looks wonderful now!

You can find Wool Warehouse here and the Scheepjes Metropolis yarn is available from them as well as other retailers. I think it’s the first time I’ve ordered from them and I found both the online ordering process and the delivery efficient and simple, although it’s always wise in the current climate to allow lots of extra time for orders to be dispatched and delivered (which is why I ordered this yarn at least a month ahead of it being needed).


4 thoughts on “Just keep right on knitting

  1. Love that green, not sure why it might be considered ‘granny’s, I certainly don’t think so (but I don’t think the wish for a vintage short sleeve jumper is unusual either!). I’ve used Scheepes wool for years and really like it.

    1. I think it’s just that this green is not a colour I would usually gravitate to that has me wondering about it. To lapse into 1980s ‘Colour Me Beautiful’ territory, it probably lies in the spring/summer area whereas I tend to live in the autumn/winter half of the palette. Then again, if you can’t move out of your comfort zone with your knitting, when can you? I’m glad you can endorse the Scheepjes wools – the only yarn of theirs I’ve used before was 100% acrylic for Miranda’s cabled top and I must say that’s standing up to wear and it was very nice to knit with.

  2. Too funny! I can’t tell you how long it takes me to realize there are fine films over many items. Just the other day, I found something similar on my laptop (which I have had for years.) I absolutely LOVE that green!!!!

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