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Works making nice progress

Finished object: Nuclear Sunrise socks;  finished one front of Rimini Cardigan; swatched for Vintage Sweater

Well, that was a productive weekend so come Tuesday, naturally, I slumped. Hopefully the week will get better from here.

First off, I finished my Nuclear Sunrise socks and they are a lovely addition to my sock drawer. Whether I will wear them much this side of late autumn I cannot tell; the colour is summery enough, but the wool content may make them a little too warm and the yarn is definitely on the squishily thick side of the sock wool fence. It’s only this past week when I have felt the need to pull my proper summer clothes out of storage and so over the coming days the thicker winter knits will be gradually packed away in the suitcases.

Once the socks were finished it was full steam ahead with the first front of the Rimini Cardigan. I was determined to get this part complete by the end of the Bank Holiday weekend and was pleased that I had it done at the end of Sunday, leaving me free to enjoy my YouTube-based virtual Blakes 7 fan convention on the Monday. Now it’s high time I was casting on for the other front piece which I might be able to knit in the next five days. That would leave June for knitting the sleeves and perhaps getting the cardigan finished.

I used some of the cardigan yarn to make a quick swatch for the Short-Sleeve Vintage Sweater which was interesting. I matched the gauge for the 4-ply instructions using this yarn and going down to 3.00mm needles (the pattern suggests 3.75mm needles with 4-ply yarn/3.25mm with 3-ply yarn/3.00mm with 2-ply yarn) and I have to say with that size of needle I really loved the way the fabric looked and felt. In fact, I wish I’d done a gauge swatch before I cast on for the Rimini because I may well have knit that at a tighter tension, but never mind. However, I lobbed the gauge swatch into the washing machine with a batch of socks (I always machine-wash my hand-knit socks) and the socks came out fine but the swatch was seriously felted. I’m so glad I’ve found out that this yarn is delicate and that hand-washing the Rimini cardigan will be essential. Based on this information, I’m investigating other wools to use for the Vintage Sweater because I try to limit how much babying my garments need.

Given that I’ve been looking at wools, I might as well admit I am undecided about the colour for my next project. When I open my wardrobe the sweater shelves seem to be a sea of blue and teal, with a couple of pops of gold and red. My work-basket has been all pink and purple for a while so I rather want the next thing to be different again. I don’t really wear brown and orange. I wonder in which direction my eye is going to take me…

Oh, can I can hear you shouting “green” at me? We shall see. If it is green, it will not be the green of fields and trees. I knit an entire project in a beautiful foliage-green around ten years ago and neither the colour nor the style of the garment did anything for me. I never wore it and I don’t think I’ve knitted anything properly green since. Now I just need a few moments to go off and ponder nice sage-greens. Happy days.

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