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Knits in progress – real and virtual


Here are my current works in progress, taking a nap in the lazy evening sunshine. My progress this past week has been steady, but by no means stellar. Once I had finished the back of the Rimini cardigan, it took me a few days to cast on for the first of the two front sections and by the end of last night I had only got as far as finishing the second colour block. It’s a similar story with the Nuclear Sunrise sock, although I have put a bit more work into this. I am at the point where I have put the front stitches onto two stitch holders ready to move the back stitches onto one needle and start working the heel flap. This is the complete opposite to how I have the stitches whilst I’m working the body of the sock but it seems to make sense to me so I carry on doing it this way. I am very pleased with how these two projects co-ordinated when I lay them together for this photo.

So, to eke out the slightly poor knitting content this week, I want to talk some more about the vintage knitting patterns I received as a birthday gift.

Classic twinset

Whilst in reality I am happily knitting the Rimini cardigan, in my dreams I am moving on to a short-sleeved jumper in a 4-ply wool – namely the Classic Jumper with my favourite set-in sleeves. I rather like the fact that in this pattern the short sleeves reach to just above the elbow. The instructions say to allow 7 to 8 ounces of 4-ply wool for this, depending on size. This would be around 200/250g which I am convinced is not enough to make me a jumper. The suggested needle sizes are UK No. 11 and UK No. 9 which are 3.00mm and 3.75mm. The latter, in particular, seems quite large for a 4-ply yarn. For comparison, my Rimini is being knit on 3.25mm needles. I think a gauge swatch is called for, and I rather feel like that swatch might be knitted fairly soon.

I have touched previously on the fact that this little booklet contains patterns for “81 Garments” which breaks down as follows:-

Classic Jumper with short or long set-in sleeves
Classic Cardigan (long set-in sleeves, standard v-neck)
= 3 garments

Raglan Jumper with short or long sleeves
Raglan Cardigan (long sleeves, deep v-neck)
= 3 garments

Dolman Jumper with short or long sleeves
Dolman Cardigan (long sleeves, standard v-neck)
(This style is knit horizontally starting at the sleeves, and the welts are knitted on at the end.)
= 3 garments

Each garment can be knit in 2-ply, 3-ply, or 4-ply yarn and in 3 sizes which gives us the 81 garments mentioned on the cover of the brochure.

Realistically, you’d only knit 27 at most because you wouldn’t want all the sizes, although I suppose you could do some looser-fitting and some tighter-fitting if you were at the lower end of the sizing. Speaking of sizing, these are close-fitting knits as would be expected at the time of design, and instructions are for 34-36″, 36-38″ and 38-40″. Personally, I am unlikely to knit a dolman-sleeved garment although never say never. I might be tempted by raglans every so often. Then again, if I knit one garment from this brochure it will have been worth it.

One of the little things I really like about this book is the cartoon reminders from KnitWit which appear scattered through it.


KnitWit has a ball of wool for a head and a chic little doggy. I sometimes feel like I have a ball of wool for a head but I don’t have a doggy. I wind my balls of wool too tight, but what can I say? I’m not perfect!

I hope your creative projects are coming along apace.

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