Stationery I’m using right now

Clockwise from front: William Hannah notebook, Morrisons lined journal, Aquarius daily horoscopes, Mark and Fold blank journal, Clairefontaine lined exercise book (Ink Journal), fountain pens in case. Mouth and Foot Painting Artists calendar propped at the back.

It’s always tempting to talk about the fresh and new, but sometimes it’s nice to just reflect on the things we are actually using, so today I’m going to write about the stationery in regular use at the moment.

William Hannah Notebook


If you’ve read anything I’ve written before, you’ll know all about this one. It’s such a beauty and I love it dearly. This is in constant use as I update the diary section throughout the day, marking off the tasks I’ve done (or marking that I’ve given up on them again), and adding anything that crops up. I also use the lined notepaper section for notes that I feel inclined to jot down. Since I bought this notebook back in January it has only occasionally left my flat because I’ve been a bit precious about carrying it around. This annoys me, because I firmly belive that there’s no point owning items if I’m too worried to use them. However, you will soon be able to discover my possibly unique solution to this problem as a little something arrived in the post today that will assist me when I want to take it out and about.

At the start of each day I plan what I want to do and then I read my horoscope from the little book in the picture. After that, I go on to write my journal.

Morrisons Lined Journal


This is one of my surprise finds in my local supermarket with paper that is more than adequate at a bargain price. I’m very fond of the pattern on the cover (I realised that the other evening when I looked at the tea-towel I had just washed and realised it was exactly the same design) and the page count is very impressive.  Once again, this is an item I use pretty much every single day and it’s proved itself to be very well constructed.

As far as what I write goes, well sometimes it’s more important, but on the 13th of May I was very concerned about the interior design choices of a YouTuber. Probably just lockdown madness.

Mark and Fold Blank Notebook


As good as the paper in the Morrisons notebook is, this Mark and Fold notebook is in a different league. The paper quality is superb, but it’s not a budget option and I think it is a case of horses for courses. This is the book I’m currently using as a ‘creative writing notebook’ and it’s filled with random thoughts, overheard conversations, lessons – all the flotsam and jetsam that some people let float by and others haul in for future use.

The only bad thing about this notebook is the blank pages; I prefer a lined notebook.

Clairefontaine Exercise Book


I love these books, especially this 1951 range A5 exercise book. Clairefontaine paper is very good with fountain pens and I just set this book up yesterday as an Ink Journal. There are lots of ways of approaching an Ink Journal: some people do very detailed analysis of each ink they buy, for example, whereas others simply keep a running list of which pens are inked with which colours. My ink journal will fall into the latter category. Although I am interested in seeing the detailed reviews people make of various inks, my real love is watching people just present a list of which inks are in which pens. As I love pretty much each and every one of the inks in my current collection, I want to remind myself to use them all. I’ve noticed recently that I’ve tended to end up with pens inked with colours that are quite similar (at the moment both red and orange) and I’m sure with a bit more thought I could have a more pleasing range of colours available even though I try to only keep three pens inked up at any one time.

The other thing such a list helps with is how the same ink looks in different pens. Although my strong preference (also known as fetish) for fine and extra-fine nibs means the experience won’t vary wildly, it would be nice to see over time whether the colours do look different.

If you are eagle-eyed, you might also notice that I am using my desk! I’m pleased to say that the three initial phases of the setup are complete and I am certainly finding it more pleasant to sit at my desk than it used to be. I’ll do a proper write-up very soon, probably in tandem with the solution for taking writing equipment out and about.

For now, though, I am going to check on the progress of my porridge. And remember, be careful out there!


William Hannah Notebooks  and Mark and Fold paper products can be ordered direct from the manufacturers.

I bought my horoscope book from The Works, but similar can be bought from Amazon or other disreputable booksellers! I preferred the one I had last year, and I have made a note to myself to shop earlier for a replacement when 2021 starts to loom.

Clairefontaine 1951 exercise books are available from Cult Pens and The Writing Desk, and many other places.

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