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Last Chance Saloon – Phase 2

Shelves in place, ready to tackle that box

Another day, and still chipping away at the desk setup. The shelves arrived this morning from The Futon Company and were relatively easy to put together. There are a lot of screws in this little unit, but that does make it nice and sturdy for such a simple design. Now the big question is whether it will allow me to get better use out of this existing desk.

In the spirit of my current setup ideas, I also wanted to tackle the box of files on the floor and the cubbyhole on the left-hand side of the desk, temporarily being used to store some random items which lacked a better home.


I have to be honest and report that these still lack a proper home, but that’s a minor point! I have achieved what I intended, which is to have my dictionary, together with prints of my current work in progress, right to hand whilst I am working and easily tidied away when they’re not in use.

In work mode
Work done for the day, just need to close the lid

I was thinking of getting some kind of book rest to hold my dictionary on the desk top, then it occurred to me that all I need to do is lean it against the open lid of the desk. I think this is the easiest access I’ve ever had to my dictionary. (Speaking of sustainability, this dictionary is the 1994 version which I’m pretty sure would have been bought for, or by, my parents around that time and it’s still going strong.)

There is scope for something inspirational to be added to the inside of that lid, which I can ponder at my leisure.

Phase 3 will be the slightly harder task of sorting out the other cubbyhole in the desk which is packed full of pads, sticky notes, ink cartridges waiting to go off for recycling, and the junk that doesn’t really want to see the light of day. Phase 3 may also include sourcing a shorter USB cable for my external hard drive; the only one I could find after my move is at least a metre and a half long and it does get in the way.

Probably the best thing I can report about the desk setup so far is that I am currently sitting at it composing this post. The proof, as they say, is in the pudding.

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