Treading grapes


Time for a knitting update, I think. I’ve been working steadily on my Grape Fade Rimini cardigan, working a few rows a day, making sure to allow my arm and shoulder plenty of rest. Now I’m just beginning to do the armhole shaping on the back, and I’m ready to move from the fourth to the fifth of the six shades of Grape. I’m really pleased with how nicely this wool is knitting up, it’s a real pleasure to work with.


I’ve been thinking this morning that I have no idea which shade I’m going to use for the button band and collar. It depends largely on whether I have more left of any particular shade when it comes to that point, and if it’s pretty well-balanced then it will be a case of deciding which one I like the look of best. I will also have to decide how to manage the colour blocks on the sleeves which are usually a bit longer than the body. My feeling at the moment is just to do the extra in the darkest shade, with the other alternative being to work a few more rows in each block if I want to keep things more symmetrical.

I’m very pleased with my progress and I’m looking forward to wearing this later in the year. In fact, I would probably be a little further along with it, if it wasn’t for this.


I couldn’t resist casting on a pair of socks with Noodle Soup Yarns’ Nuclear Sunrise High Twist Sock yarn. This was the second skein I received earlier this year as a gift from one of my sisters. Isn’t it gorgeous? It makes me think of apple blossom. It’s the first time I’ve tried this high twist base from Noodle Soup and so far I’m really enjoying it.

I’ve decided to go with a ribbed sock this time for no other reason than that the day I cast on I was wearing a pair of ribbed socks and admiring them. I’m using the KnitPro Symfonie 8″ double-point needles and I’m keeping a strict count of the rows this time so I end up with two socks the same length!


I’m getting a spiral effect with the colours which really doesn’t bother me at all. Again, I am working steadily on these and will be hitting the heel flap in a little while. Ha! I’ll probably be working the shaping part of this sock at exactly the same time as I’m working the armhole shaping on my cardigan.

Other than that, I’m pottering about with blog admin and trying to get in a bit of writing and generally waiting for the future to unfold so that I can work out where I will fit into it. As, I think, are we all.


3 thoughts on “Treading grapes

    1. Aw, thanks for the comment about the photo because I don’t feel they are my strong point. I just use my iPhone and I do minimal editing because to be honest the more I edit photos the less I like the look of them. If a photo looks a bit pants when I first look at it no amount of filters or cropping is going to make me like it.

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