Jellyfish rising


I am beginning to lose my way somewhat on the knitting front, so I’m going to start off with the most positive knitting content – I have finished my Rise of the Jellyfish socks! I loved knitting these, the yarn is lovely to work with and the dyeing superb, for which all praise must go to Charley of Noodle Soup Yarns. I am ignoring the fact that the second sock seems overall to be an inch shorter than the first sock, although that is symptomatic of how my knitting is going at the moment.


This is where I stand right now with the second attempt at my Fairisle Tank Top: the first two pattern bands are complete, I have checked the measurement and it seems good this time around, so why am I feeling jaded by it? Perhaps it is simply that I had already knitted such a good amount on the original, too big, version that this just feels like going over old ground. It may just be that over the past week I’ve had a stiff shoulder and neck and working on this doesn’t seem to do it any good at all. In fact, the reason I went back and finished the socks was to give myself a break from the colourwork. Whatever the reason, I feel I need to set this project aside, although I don’t want to put it away because then I will never get it out again. All that is called for is simply a couple of weeks doing something else.

But what else? Another pair of socks? A scarf? Something indeterminate which doesn’t seem yet to have presented itself for my perusal?

I have wound some wool, another Noodle Soup Yarns hand-dye, this time Nuclear Sunrise on her High Twist Sock. It’s a gorgeous colour combination and I’m really keen to try this base and compare it to the Sturdy Sock I’ve used before, and yet I don’t know if I want to knit with it right now.


I’ve got a sock pattern I’d like to try out that is not just plain vanilla (I know!); it needs a plain-coloured yarn and the only plain-coloured sock yarn I’ve got is the most boring grey in the universe – definitely not something to raise my spirits.

Maybe I just have knitting fatigue and I need to step away from it completely for a little while so I can come back refreshed. Read some books, write, move my furniture around a bit more (I used to own a hamster who would take all his bedding out of wherever you put it and move it somewhere else and I think I’ve inherited this trait). I’ve pondered needle-felting and resin jewellery making, in the way that you do when you’re clutching at straws, but I’ve managed to avoid any serious consideration of them.

I would like to blame my current mood on the times we live in, but it’s not the times we live in, it’s Spring Fever. I’m sure I’ve used this quote from Mark Twain before, but April comes and along comes the feeling to remind me of it all over again:

“It’s Spring Fever, that is what the name of it is. And when you’ve got it you want – oh, you don’t know quite what it is you do want, but it just fairly makes your heart ache, you want it so!”

Hopefully next week I’ll have found some direction, but for now I think I’m going to drink tea and carry on playing hide-and-seek with my inspiration.

4 thoughts on “Jellyfish rising

  1. I love those socks. I would i.agine it is difficult to keep momentum on a sweater that you have had to rip out. Maybe if you find a pretty patterned sock to go with the gray yarn, you would have more interest? I am going to cast on for a simple sweater and I am looking for a lightweight shawl pattern that is not too complicated. Stay well, Pam. xoxo

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