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Haven’t I seen you before?

The Knitting Revisited

Tank top take two
Round and round and round

When I was very young, my big sister and/or brother had a record I was fond of which included a version of Joni Mitchell’s song “The Circle Game”. I’m experiencing that carousel feeling of ‘been here, done this’ working on the second version of my Fairisle Tank Top. At least the ribbing is finished and I’m on to the colourwork, but at present it still seems repetitive. Now, partly that is the nature of knitting in the round (I never really feel like I’ve got to the end of a row!) and party it’s the fact that I’m trying to replicate the colour progression I’d got going on the first attempt. Of course, this is not exactly the same because I’m following a different pattern, so I’m sure it will soon start feeling brand new and adventurous again.

The Writing Revisited

But wait! There’s more merry-go-round action on the stationery front.

Notebook & pens
Lamy pens with new nibs

Back in January I wrote about the medium nibs on my lovely Lamy Studio fountain pen and Lamy LX fountain pen. As a devoted fan of the fine nib, I have been trying my best to appreciate the variety provided by these slightly thicker nibs, but I haven’t been able to ignore the fact that I reach more often for my fine-nibbed Waterman pens than either of these two beauties. Seems like I will always revert to type, so this week I decided to take action.

I have now fitted both of these pens with replacement nibs ordered from The Writing Desk who, despite the trying times, provided their usual prompt and courteous service (this online shop is just so good). Lamy replacement nibs are very affordable and I am delighted to say the nib replacement was simple and I am very pleased with the results.

Here’s some comparisons. The first is the Studio pen, with a sample of the Medium nib at the top and the Extra Fine nib at the bottom, using the same ink for both samples.

Studio nib replacement
Lamy Studio – Medium to Extra-Fine nib

The Studio is a relatively wet writer and even with this extra-fine nib I am still getting some variation between lighter and darker areas of the letters. With this ink, it feels like the line I’m getting is consistent with a fine nib. I’ll be interested to try this out with different inks to see how much the ink itself is playing a part.

Next up, the Lamy LX, unfortunately I didn’t re-ink with the same colour because I was so bored of it! The blue writing is with the original Medium nib and the red writing with the new Extra-Fine nib.

LX M to EF nib
Lamy LX Medium to Extra-Fine nib

I have to say I’m utterly enamoured of the extra-fine nib on the Lamy LX. Again, I’m not sure how much it is down to the ink, but this nib is very smooth and very fine. No, you don’t get any variation in the shade of the ink, but I don’t know that I need it when the letters look as good as this.

The proof of the pudding will be in how much I use these in the coming months compared to the previous few months.

As we head towards the weekend, I am asking myself whether I have achieved enough through this week to allow myself a break. I seem at the moment to have a productive day followed by one that is comparatively lazy. Round and round and round, like the circle game!

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