Hacking my planner bookmark


I’ve always had a soft spot for a 6-inch metal ruler, which may be rooted in my love of underlining things. I’m very fond of a date and/or title double-underlined in a contrasting ink colour, but I also favour using a pencil to underline passages in printed books rather than using a highlighter. I used to carry a 6-inch metal ruler when I was at grammar school and although the one I use now isn’t the same one, I’ve still had it a good number of years. The material makes these rulers steady workhorses, where plastic and wood get chipped and worn over time, metal just carries right on with the job, and there isn’t any significant weight to such a small item.

(I’m going to make a leap to pencil cases now, but trust me, I’ll be back to the ruler in a while.)

Pen cases
My pen and pencil cases

This is my rather meagre collection of pen and pencil cases. I store writing equipment in other receptacles – boxes and mugs – but these three form my on-the-go storage options. The oldest is the black Cross single-pen case which I bought myself and the newest is the green three-pen case (a gift from a stationery-savvy sister, as was the slender navy pencil-case). I have recently been using the navy pencil-case as my everyday carry, the one that sits with me so I can grab a pen whenever I need one, and it worked well because it also had room for a pencil and my ruler. The downside is that it is large enough for me to carry four or five pens and more isn’t always merrier. Whilst I am constantly seduced by the idea of having different coloured inks available on a whim, in practice it’s easier when the selection is limited. Having to rifle through half a dozen pens every time you want to write something can get slightly irritating. Yesterday I decided I would swap back into the three-pen case which is perfect to carry the pen I mainly use in my planner (currently the Waterman Hémisphère Rose Cuivre filled with Waterman Inspired Blue ink), my contrast colour (the Waterman Hémisphère Blue filled with Graf von Faber-Castell Garnet Red ink) and my journal pen (the Lamy LX Rose Gold filled with Graf von Faber-Castell Cobalt Blue ink). What then, the question comes, do I do with my ruler? The simple answer is to make a pouch so it can slot into my planner. Why have I never thought of this before?


It took less than five minutes to whip this up. I just used double-sided tape to fix together two of the William Hannah card bookmarks along the bottom and right-hand edges, leaving the punched left-hand edge open; the tape on the bottom extends right up level with the second disc of the planner to keep the ruler in line with the top of the pouch. I cut out a finger-slot in the front to access the ruler easily and I’m pleased to say it works a treat – the ruler is nice and secure, even shaking the planner about hasn’t dislodged it, and it’s always to hand when I need it. The bookmarks cost just £3 for five on William Hannah’s website with a choice of twelve colours (you can choose any combination of colours you like); I think they’re a marvellous accessory. It occurs to me that if you wanted a folder to hold loose papers in your disc planner, you could do the same hack with the card dividers.

Have you had any moments of inspiration recently?

2 thoughts on “Hacking my planner bookmark

  1. What a great, yet simple idea. I have a steel ruler too that is crying out for this solution. Thanks so much for sharing your idea. I have two of the William Hannah notebooks, but only the green A5 needs a ruler pouch.

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