FI Tank Top 3
Progression April 8th 2020

I made great progress on my Fairisle Tank Top over the past weekend, adding the pink and orange band (which is the medium of the three pattern bands) and then the second hearts repeat. As the above photo shows, I have no intention of keeping to a uniform progression of colours, that is the splendid thing about this project, but it is also its, admittedly minor, downfall.

By the middle of this week I had actually worked another five rows of the colourwork, specifically the first five rows of the largest of the three pattern bands. Due to a misjudgement in my choice of the two colours to start the band by this morning I had only one of those rows remaining. I chose silver-grey as the background with a darker grey for the pattern stitches and there just wasn’t enough contrast or enough colour, which I had an inkling would be the case right from the start. I persevered until I accepted just how dreadfully monotonous it was to work, then it had to go. I’m glad I tried it out, though, because it helped me to realise that the silver-grey is a very interesting colour which shades between a darker silver and a pale shade very close to the cream wool; I think that’s why these two colours work together so well as major players in the spectrum I’m using.

Today I will take a little time out of my busy schedule (the question being which of my hourly naps I should skip!) and work a couple of rows with the shade that is replacing the dark grey. I will also be pondering whether I will use the darker grey in combination with something else – the cream, perhaps – or if I should drop it from the project completely. Until I move on to each colour change I’m not entirely sure what it will be – I have the next colours in mind but, like Schrodinger’s Cat, they are in a state of flux until I tie them into actual stitches.

I like to take photos of the work in progress, but the true beauty of most projects and particularly of projects worked with this “greasy” Shetland wool, only reveals itself when the finished work has its bath. The lanolin is released and the fibres unfurl, filling in the areas which look sparse whilst I’m working; the colours settle into themselves, and the whole fabric comes together like magic.

It’s not all napping here at Pamalison’s pad – there’s been a lot of DVDs played. I’ve worked my way through Season 2 of Babylon 5, realising in the process that I need to buy Season 3; now I’ve moved on to the box set of Christopher Ecclestone’s season on Dr Who. On top of that, I’ve tracked down on YouTube the old BBC comedy series May To December and have started watching it, despite the atrocious low resolution.  I also spend hours surfing the web being seduced by stationery and wool everywhere I turn. At the moment I’m suffering the pangs of love for these gradient sets over at John Arbon Textiles. If you click on each of the little colour dots, then choose either 4-ply or DK, you get to see each gradient displayed on the wooden bench which is, if I may say, likely to make you fall so deeply in love you will struggle to resurface. If you take a look, do let me know in the comments which colour option you would choose if you bought one of their gradients. For me, it is very close between two of the colours and perhaps sometime I’ll let you into the secret of which one I would go for.

As always, I hope you and your loved ones are safe and well, and are finding some fun ways to pass your time if you have more of it on your hands than usual.

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