The ink in my heart

06-04-2020 Benetoite
Main colour: Lamy Benitoite; contrast: Diamine Majestic Purple

There are simply loads of ink colours I like: the blues, the greens, the reds, not to mention a certain hankering after an orange of the deepest sunset variety. Ringing the changes with the colours I’m using is very dear to my heart and after several weeks of planning in turquoise, I was looking forward to moving to a blue-black (Lamy Crystal Benitoite) at the beginning of last week.

Maybe blue-black wasn’t the best choice: perhaps not perky enough to suit the weather or to raise my mood, a touch too sombre, quite possibly boring. I got a couple of days into the week before I started to miss that vibrant turquoise, a feeling that only got stronger as the week wore on. It seems to me that this planner was made to be used with Waterman’s Inspired Blue and nothing else is going to please my soul so much as writing with that colour, so I have run straight back to it. Which is not to say that I’m abandoning all the other colours: I will still get to ring the changes a little with my contrast colour for planning, and I keep a daily journal in a separate book where I gravitate towards inks that I’m not using in my planner. On top of that, there is correspondence and all manner of quick jottings. Oh, yes, all the pens and all the inks will be used.

Right now, though, if I was forced to use only one ink colour for the rest of my life, my choice would be pretty straightforward.

06-04-2020 Inspired Blue
Main colour: Waterman Inspired Blue; contrast: Graf von Faber-Castell Garnet Red

A small tech-y tip

Altering the speed of playback is a useful option for audiobooks and YouTube videos. I’ve read of many people who speed up the playback in order to consume a greater amount in the time they have, but I don’t hear a lot from people who want to slow things down.  I don’t know if it’s a fact, but I have the feeling that sometimes things have been speeded up before they were published. I notice it on some YouTube videos: the narration seems breathless and a little garbled; I feel my stress levels rising as I watch; it is enough to make me abandon a video part of the way through (other turn-offs include long fingernails tapping on whatever I’m being shown, and the repeated use of “anywho” in the place of “anyhow”). If I really want to watch the video, however, I’ve found that opening the custom options and slowing down the playback to 90% can make for a more enjoyable experience. So this is just a reminder that if something is too fast or too slow for you, it’s worth investigating whether you can tweak it to your liking. Unfortunately, I can’t promise there’s any way to do that with your life!

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