Progress and defeat

Rise of the Jellyfish socks progress
Progress on my sock

Today for me is about learning to acknowledge progress where it’s being made, and accepting defeat where progress isn’t possible.

As you can see, my Rise of the Jellyfish sock has seen some work over the weekend. With the heel turned and the gusset decreases worked, I’m now enjoying the saunter down towards the toe shaping. I’m looking forward to being able to wear these socks when they’re done and the weather is definitely telling me I’ll be wearing socks for some time yet.

So, my socks are progressing; now I bet you’re thinking that the Fairlise top is the ‘defeat’ part of this post. Not so!

Fairisle Tank Top 1
Progress on my Fairisle Tank Top

I’m happily working through the four inches of ribbing at the start of my tank top, although I admit that seems like a slog when I want to be doing the colourful part of the project. I knit about one and a half inches flat then joined it to start working in the round. No, don’t worry, I haven’t been abducted by aliens – fairisle knitting is my one concession to working garments in the round using circular needles. I don’t like it, but even I have to admit it makes sense. You will see in the photo my preferred method of marking the beginning and middle of the round – a bit of scrap wool knotted into a loop. For some reason I can’t begin to understand, whenever I use a pretty stitch marker I get impossibly tangled and yet I can pass a loop of wool from one needle to the other without any fuss.

So, yes, lots of knitting progress. What can possibly be defeating me?

Desk defeat
My desk doesn’t work

Yep, I keep trying, but this desk just doesn’t work in my new flat. Whatever I change, I just don’t want to actually sit down at it and do my writing. Since I moved in I have been using it as somewhere to charge my electronic doo-dads and I think that’s how it will continue to be used for the foreseeable future. When things return to normal and I am once more gainfully employed, I will probably buy a new desk; one that I can choose so that it works in the space I have. Until then, in the spirit of accepting what you cannot control, I’ll be working on the settee.

I hope your projects are progressing well and that you’re all keeping safe and well.

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