The pain, the gain

Pretty ear-rings
Pretty ear-rings

I have had piercings in my ears since 1976 and through all the intervening years I have flip-flopped between wearing ear-rings regularly and not wearing them for months or years. When I don’t wear ear-rings at all, everything is fine. When I wear ear-rings regularly everything is also fine: I take them out at night, I choose which ones I want to wear each morning, I suffer little in the way of gunky earlobes. The main thing which turns me off ear-rings for extended periods is frequent use of the telephone – I find a lot of ear-rings are uncomfortable when you have a phone against your head several times a day.

The only problem is the transition periods. Oh, it’s dead easy to transition from wearing ear-rings regularly to not wearing them at all: I just stop wearing them. However, there is a barrier to go through when I transition from an extended period of not wearing them back to wearing them regularly. Although after all these years the pierced holes don’t heal, they do constrict a little and I find some ear-ring posts difficult to insert. Worse than that, if I wear ear-rings for a day my lobes get very sore and that is enough to make me stop again. I know from past experience that if I’m going to want to wear ear-rings regularly after a period of not wearing them, I have to insert a small pair of hoops that I can wear day and night, then put up with having sore lobes for however long it takes them to get over the intrusion. Once my ears have settled down, I can start taking the ear-rings out and wearing different ones.

That is the routine I’ve been going through the past couple of weeks and I’m pleased to say that over the weekend I noticed that my ears are quite happy and soon it might be time to be able to ring (ear-ring!) the changes on the jewellery that I wear. This means I also need to go through my jewellery box to check which ear-rings I have (I seem to recall having lost quite a few over the years) and get them cleaned ready to wear.

Whilst the ear-ring issue involves real pain, or at least real soreness, transitioning from not-knitting back to knitting is more of a mental pain: recalling where I am in the pattern, dredging up memorised details that have been pushed to the back of my mind, perhaps a tiny bit of soreness in muscles that I haven’t used since I last knitted (gets me between my shoulder-blades for a day or so). However, if I push through, I get results, and I start believing that the day when I’ll be wearing my new jumper and my pretty ear-rings isn’t too far away.

Sleeve progress
Not bad progress for a weekend

Is there anything you’ve been putting off because you can’t face going through the barrier between your current state and the desired outcome? I’m not going to say it’s as easy as just getting started, but if you do just start you might find the gears will click into place and you will be on your way to accomplishing your goal.

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