And she’s off!

Helsinki Jumper 2nd sleeve
Any progress at all is a win

No, I haven’t been to the horse racing at Cheltenham, but I have been knitting. As you can see from my photo, it’s not exactly stellar progress, but it is progress. I worked a few rows of the aran pattern one evening mid-week and I couldn’t wrap my head around it, even though it is the same pattern I’ve already knitted on the front, back and one sleeve of my jumper. The fact my head couldn’t get together with my hands says more about where my head is at present than any level of difficulty in the pattern. However, this morning I picked it up, sat quietly and calmly for forty-five minutes gathering my thoughts and letting my memory of how to read the pattern return. Now I feel I will be able to finish the jumper with no drama at all.

In other news, I received a bit of happy mail yesterday in the form of some wool from Noodle Soup Yarns, gifted by my sister who is quite the enabler.

Noodle Soup March 2020
Wild or pastel

The more pastel skein is “Nuclear Sunrise” in High Twist Sock base – 85% superfine Superwash Merino and 15% nylon. The neon lime and pink are mellowed by paler shades of grey and pink and the whole skein is just enchanting, it makes you feel calm just sitting and contemplating it. The other skein is the Sturdy Sock base – 75% Superwash Merino and 25% nylon – in the simply stunning “Rise of the Jellyfish” colour. Where to start describing this one? Just wow! This is the Jackson Pollock of sock yarns, it’s got everything in glorious abundance. It’s got the sea-greens and the pumpkin-oranges, the pinks and blues and purples, it’s got the delicacy of a sunrise and the depth of a swimming pool at dusk, it’s crazy and joyous and brash. I love them both. There’s also a co-ordinating mini-skein in the lovely ocean green.

So here’s the plan. First, I’m going to finish my Helsinki jumper. Part of me thinks that it’s going to be full-blown spring in about five and a half days’ time and the jumper will just be put away for autumn. My rational brain, however (not, I emphasise, the brain which tells me every morning that it’s lovely and warm and I don’t need my gloves with me), is of the opinion that it will never be warm again and I need to finish this jumper and get it on my back right now! Once the jumper is finished, it will be time to cast on a pair of socks. My irrational brain (the one that’s discarding gloves left, right and centre) thinks it’s just the ideal time to cast on with the lovely pastel colours. Rational Brain is screaming “Don’t be an idiot! Knit the wild wool! It’s chilly and you need cheering up!”

(Shall I let you into a secret? Do you promise not to tell the wool? Alright, then. I have more than one set of sock needles….)

So, how about you? How much progress do you need to make to consider yourself to be making progress on a project?

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