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Inside my planner / 3

Creative writing page
Tracking what I’m doing with my creative writing

The decision has been made and I have discarded the creative writing sub-section of my planner in favour of a separate creative writing notebook. When I had it as an area within the planner there were only two pages of creative writing and I just don’t think they need a dedicated area.

That decision being made, there is one page which will definitely stay in my planner, even if pieces of actual writing don’t. It’s a page where I note down if I have spent time working on something that relates to creative writing and it so far it indicates that I work on things in fits and spurts. I don’t get on so well with trackers as such, but keeping a list like this of the days when I’ve actually done something creative with words does help me. I love that the final item on the list notes that I was inspired. So inspired I didn’t touch it for two weeks! (I’ve been much more consistent since I took the photo.)

I am in no doubt that I will jot down writing ideas on the planner note pages because the William Hannah notebook is destined to be carried everyday. Unfortunately, at present that’s not practical – I walk too far and carry too much stuff every day to wish to add to the load. However, all that is due to change in a couple of weeks and when I embark on the next phase of my working life I will make sure I set things up better than I have for my current role. My intention is that when I get home I will transfer any notes into the dedicated writing notebook.

So there is just one final item in my planner set-up to show you, and that is what I like to think of as my comfort blanket.

This is a little folder I constructed out of two pretty C6 envelopes, originally intending it to serve the purpose of the rear pocket you find in a lot of notebooks. I cannot claim that this is my own invention, I saw it somewhere on YouTube, most probably in something connected with Kikki K set-ups. This is what it looks like open:

I have simply stuck it to the cardstock calendar sheet which William Hannah include in their notebook contents. I keep that sheet at the back of the planner just because I find it satisfying to have a card sheet between the note pages and the back cover.

Of course, a little folder like this could be used to house tickets, or receipts or any useful little notes. I have a couple of photos and a note to myself to remind me of the bigger picture of life when all the little everyday niggles are getting me down.

My planner is very simple, very streamlined. It does what I need it to do and I don’t ask it to do everything. It has its moments of prettiness, but mainly it’s a workhorse that keeps me in touch with the realities of life which I usually strive to ignore. My favourite items are the quotes I put in each week on the planner pages and I’ve just started referring back to the UK Top 50 from 1974 to track down the songs that were in the charts then choose a lyric to  work for the week. That is so much fun!

I’m sure the planner will make regular appearances on these pages, but that wraps up the current setup. Keep an eye open for a post about how I’m keeping my creative writing notes as that is what I have been expending a lot of my energy on the past couple of weeks.

I hope you’ve been having a productive time and that you may be a little bit inspired by my setup.

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