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Acquisitions at home and abroad

Noodle Soup bruise
Noodle Soup yarn to inspire me

One of my aims this year is to buy yarn as and when I need it, with specific projects in mind. I am trying to be more focused on what I want to knit and the yarn best suited to each project. It turns out that doesn’t preclude the occasional purchase on a whim.

I’ve acquired a couple of yarns since Christmas, the first one being this lovely skein of Noodle Soup Yarns’ Sturdy Sock in the Vivid Firmament colour. The combination of purples and greens often puts me in mind of a bruise, and the addition of steel blue in this yarn is in keeping with that. It’s a colour combination that I adore, although I don’t particularly enjoy being bruised. I think this would be perfect for a pair of elbow-length fingerless gloves.

Vivid Firmament
Up close and personal

The yarn is 75% Superwash Merino, 25% Nylon and, as always, Charley’s dyeing is impeccable.

My second skein is a holiday souvenir from my birthday trip to Finland. I didn’t see any yarn for sale as we walked around Helsinki, but we managed to squeeze in a trip across to Tallinn in Estonia and there were a couple of shops in the Old Town which had a little yarn. The first of the two shops had some very nice Shetland wools, but the only local Estonian wool they had was cream so hardly inspiring. However, just as we were heading back towards the ferry terminal, we saw a shop that had some prettier local wools and I was able to buy 226g of a beautiful rustic 100% wool yarn. Each skein was marked with its weight and they priced it up at the till according to the weight of the skein you bought. The price for 100g or 400g was displayed so you had an idea of the rough figure, and the marked prices had been reduced by 50%. I paid 11 Euros for this skein.

Estonian Wool 1
Aade Long Wool from Estonia

I have no idea what I am going to knit this into, although I can picture it as a lacey panel at the hem of a tunic, with the main body knit in a more skin-friendly wool, perhaps picking up the grey or teal. Ooh, yes, I am liking that idea a lot.

My other souvenirs from the holiday were in the form of chocolate and small decorative items like the postcard below, plus a mysterious extra few pounds in body weight that sneaked onto the plane home. Surely they can’t have been caused by the porridge and jam or the endless crisps and cakes I consumed? As you can see, I managed to colour-co-ordinate my souvenirs nicely.

Yarn, card, mint
Estonian yarn, Finnish Chocolate, card printed in Helsinki

The card, which carries my initial, translates as positive, fearless, refreshing, strong-minded. Not a bad set of characteristics.

What souvenirs do you like to bring back from your travels?


2 thoughts on “Acquisitions at home and abroad

  1. I always look at local pictures, but as wall space in our house is becoming quite limited I try to curb myself, I love a home made preserve, and tea as gifts for my family (you!), but my great holiday thing is sending postcards as you know – apparently I’m a dying breed on that front

    1. I do love receiving postcards from your trips. Jam and tea are excellent gifts, not to mention biscuits! Postcards have been replaced in a lot of ways by social media, but I think there’s a lot to be said for continuing with both.

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