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Slightly surprised

Writing practice
Morrisons’ 9-ring binder used for creative writing practice pieces

I find myself slightly surprised that I am regularly using the B6 9-ring binder which I bought in my local branch of Morrisons’ supermarket. As I wrote in my initial review of the product, it isn’t a size that seems to have a place in my life, however I have found it is absolutely perfect for short practice pieces for my creative writing.

I fell off the writing wagon a little through the autumn and winter, and I am desperate to claw my way back to my creative self, so I decided I would dig out an old book I own “A Writer’s Book of Days” by Judy Reeves and follow the daily writing prompts. It turns out the B6 paper size is exactly right for this and I am managing about two sides of the paper in a session that lasts around 25 minutes. My word count so far ranges between 324 at the lowest, least inspired (the prompt was “Through a crack in the door” and I found something interesting to write, but ran out of steam) to Sunday’s piece which weighed in at 483 words (the prompt was “A jewel”). In fact, I am quite keen to take this piece and work on it some more because what I have written feels like the outline for a short story and there is an element in it that could be very significant if it was changed slightly.

The thing I enjoy about writing prompts is that they give me a different focus to my writing. I think in all areas of life every one of us tends to have our own focus, a lens through which we view the world, and it is enormously helpful to view things through someone else’s lens when we can. This is the reason I enjoy my writing lessons, and the same reason I like to cast an I Ching reading every once in a while, or read my horoscope each day. It isn’t about slavishly following someone else’s view of what your writing or your life should be, but about looking at your own responses to writing or life from a variety of angles.

Getting back to the stationery, the paper is proving itself to be very good. I’ve used a few different fountain pen and ink combinations and it has stood up very well to them. The binder itself is lightweight and unobtrusive and it strikes me that this might well be the ideal place to collect my notes from writing classes as well as the pieces I’m writing from the prompts.

So, having given the product full marks in my initial review, I’m now going to add a gold star for practicality.

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