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Sometimes I knit

Helsinki Colours
Why have just one colour when you can have them all?

I know this blog has been lacking content on its main theme for a while now and it is high time to write about knitting.

About a week before my trip to Helsinki I knew for certain that I would not complete my vintage Aran sweater in time. It wasn’t a sudden realisation and it didn’t feel like a failure, it was just the result of a number of other things being more important than the knitting. I got the back, front, and one sleeve completed then set it aside until my return.

Instead, I used a skein of DK weight yarn hand-dyed by Noodle Soup Yarns to whip up a quick beanie, or watch-cap, to keep my ears warm as I headed north. I guessed the number of stitches and used logic for the decreases and, thanks to the miracle of the rib stitch, I ended up with a warm, lightweight hat that did exactly what was required of it. I still have plenty of wool left so I am considering adding a bobble now the trip is over.

I also took some good old knits with me for my holiday. I had my Cable Front Cardigan which adds warmth at the back of the neck without being too cumbersome. It works really well under a coat because, although it is thick, it is well-fitted around the shoulders and sleeves. On top of my coat I added the Mama Weer All Crazee Cowl; appreciating both the added warmth and the gorgeous pop of colour against the grey of the coat. On the subject of warmth, I still think a calf-length wool coat can’t be beaten.

This weekend I intend to cast on the second sleeve of the aran jumper, even if I only manage to knit a couple of rows. I will keep you updated on my progress.

Starting 2nd sleeve
I’ve made a start on the second sleeve

I hope your knitting is going according to plan.

2 thoughts on “Sometimes I knit

    1. I’m back from my Helsinki trip and it was just wonderful. I would recommend Helsinki to everyone and I’d love to go back again myself. Unfortunately, our flights back were disrupted by Storm Ciara, although that meant we got to spend a few hours in sleep pods at Helsinki airport, an experience we weren’t expecting and were quite excited about.

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