A day in Helsinki

My lovely daughter is treating her aging mum to a birthday trip to Helsinki, Finland. It’s a beautiful city. We visited the Design Museum yesterday and my eye was caught by this chunky knitted skirt.

Helsinki is a lovely city, small enough to walk around comfortably, frequent trams, and surprisingly few cars. There is a good variety of shops, from the small boutiques to larger malls and department stores.

A nice walk took us down to the sea front which looks out across to the many islands off the shore. These were also in evidence when we took a spin on the SkyWheel later in the day. Below the Skywheel some brave souls were open-air swimming. The air temperature was below freezing all day and by that time the wind was getting up and we were feeling glad of our extra layers, yet these people were walking around in swimming costumes.

I haven’t seen any knitting yarn yet, but we did find the a couple of good stationery shops. In the first I bought a lovely postcard which had been printed by them, so a great souvenir for my holiday journal. The other was the Lamy Concept Store, quite a small shop, but devoted to just Lamy pens. I resisted the urge to buy anything, but I did try out all of the nib widths (Lamy do a really good selection) and found myself very taken with the 1.5 and 1.9mm stub nibs – something I have never considered before. I am tempted, very tempted. It’s not something I’d use on a daily basis, but would add something to cards and special letters.

My daughter informs me that the Finns drink more coffee than anyone else, so we are trying to keep up with frequent coffee breaks. On the food front, I surprised myself by enjoying a bowl of Finnish Porridge at breakfast – I usually detest porridge. This version was made with barley instead of oats and I had a good spoon of local Ligonberry jam to sweeten it. Yummy.

I hope you are enjoying yourselves wherever you are.

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