Planner ahoy!

The glorious William Hannah A5 Notebook

Well, I have teased you for long enough and now it’s time to reveal my 60th birthday gift-to-myself – the A5 William Hannah Notebook in Bordeaux and Petrol. When I fully processed the fact that I was unlikely to treat myself to a pen to celebrate my 60th birthday, I wondered what else would fall into that ‘special gift’ category and this was the natural conclusion. It’s expensive enough to make sense only for a special occasion, high quality so it’s going to be a lasting gift, and I already knew that this size and type of notebook would keep me happy.

I have been using this for just under two weeks and in all honesty the camera is being hyper-critical because in real life the scuffs are nowhere near as noticeable as they seem in the photos. Being a vegetable-tanned leather, the outside is naturally going to show the marks of everday life and I’m more than happy with that. I love the rich burgundy colour of the leather on the outside contrasting with the super petrol-blue suede inside. It’s like the flamboyant silk lining in a sensible coat or on the back of a waistcoat. I thought long and hard about the colour combination to opt for, toying with the idea of ordering a custom colourway, but finally opting for this one, even though the bright red options do make my heart sing.

Petrol suede lining, custom dividers

The notebook has a disc system to hold the pages in place which is similar to the wire binding of the Filofax notebook, but slightly different. The engineering of the metal discs and the rod which runs through them holding them secure against the spine of the cover are the crux of the flexibility this system provides. Like the Filofax notebook, pages can easily be added, removed, moved around. As with the Filofax notebook, I like to keep this fairly slim with just three months of week on 2 pages diary, a to-do and notes section, and some sheets for creative writing. I have two dividers – the Scarlet at the front then a Tabriz Blue one between the diary and notes section. I also have two bookmarks – a Scarlet one marking the current week in my diary, and a Tabriz Blue one between the notes and creative writing areas.

Thus my set-up is incredibly simple, minimal, functional. This planner/notebook is a refinement of the system that has worked for me for the past couple of years, elevated by a high quality cover and some seriously gorgeous paper. Honestly, William Hannah provides exceptionally good paper. My pens are in ecstasy. One of the little touches that take the products to a different level is the fact you can choose not only the type of ruling you have (plain, dot grid, grid or lined) but the colour the ruling is printed in, and with the initial set that comes with your binder you can mix and match which papers are provided. It’s pure genius.

Suble branding on the back

In future posts I will give you a glimpse of what’s inside, but for now it’s all about the leather, the suede and the lovely textured cardboard dividers.

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